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Which types of machines? Tanks Planes Trucks Boats PT Boats Reconnaisance vehicles Guns Tools I would say the Sherman Tank.

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Q: What were the best machines used in World War 2?
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What are the best machines used in World War 1?

Machine Gun!@

What type of machines were used to bomb Britain in world war 2?


What war were machines used?

During World War Two, the first mechanized warfare was used in fighting. This was in the form of tanks and airplanes.

What types of machines were used to bomb Britain during the second world war?


What large machine was first used in World War 1?

Weapons of War - Machine Guns machines- tanks

What were the first machines used in World War 1?

Primitive airplanes, early trucks, and basic tanks.

What big machines are used in war?


What are the similarities and differences between World War I and the war in Iraq?

The only similarities between the two wars is that they are both bloody and the only difference between them is that the machines used in the war in Iraq are much more advanced than the one used in World War 1

Was world war 2 the first war to use mass produced machines?

No they were not

Which war were machines first mass-produced?

world war 1

What type of machines did they use in World War I?

World War 1 saw the introduction of the tank and of aircraft.

What were airplanes in World War 1?

flying machines aeroplanes

How is War World 1 different from other war?

The first war between flying machines (airplanes).

What weapon was most used in World War 2?

the most hevealy used weapon in ww2 was the m1 rifle the most efiicient axis killing machines

How many enigma machines were captured in world war 2?


What did women in Britain gain after World War 1?

Washing Machines.

Did fax machines exist in world war 2?

No, I'm afraid they didn't.

How was the Spanish civil war important to what was going to happen in the world?

The Spanish Civil War was a proving ground for Hitler's war machines.

What is the best sniper rifle of world war 2?

Actually there was no best sniper rifle during world war 2 because it was never tested. Different countries used different weapons.

What was used to revealtop secret codes durin World War 2?

'Ultra' was the code name applied to the 'product of the decryption of the more important enemy ciphers' during World War II. 'Enigma' is the name of one of the machines used by the Germans to encode their secret messages.

How did World War 1 affect the design industry?

Everyone made new weapons and machines which improved the technological advances made by the world after the war.

Name of the Machine that decoded Japanese messages in world war 2?

People not machines

Where horses or donkeys used in World War 2?

Mainly horses were used in World War 2. But donkeys were used in World War 1.

Was dynamite used in war?

Yes it was used in World War 1 but it was stopped being used in World War 2

The impact in womens in world war 2 and on us ercomy?

US Women (and Women of the AXIS POWERS) ran the countries (Built the machines of war) while the men went off to war. Women made them, Men used them.