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Germany wanted to to expand in Europe. Italy wanted to expand in Africa. Japan wanted to expand in Asia & the Pacific.

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Where in the world is Africa?

Africa is near Asia and Europe.

Which side of Europe is Africa?

They are actually two separate continents. Europe is in the upper north, and africa is in the southern parts of the world.

What are the 3 legs of the Triangular Trade?

-Europe to Africa, then Africa to the New World(Caribbean primarily) then from the Caribbean back to Europe.

What are the regions of the world?

some regions of the world are Asia, Africa, and Europe

Where is england on the world map?

In europe no its not!! its in africa dumasss

What are the Old World continents?

Africa, Europe and Asia.

Why is Europe colder than Africa?

Because Africa is nearer to the hottest part of the world (the equator)

What are the countries and states in the world that start with the letter A?

States : Arizona Alabama Arkansas Alaska Countries : Albania (Europe) Algeria (Africa) Andora (Europe) Angola (Africa) Austria (Europe)

Where did world war happen?

The World Wars happened in Europe and parts of North Africa.

Is Africa south of Europe?

Yes. Check any decent Mercator world map, and Africa is the big continent right in the middle, south of Europe.

Can you please name the conitents?

The 7 continents in the world are Africa, Antarctica, Europe, Asia, North Europe, South Europe and Oceania.

Were is the Mediterranean sea on the world map?

South of Europe and north of Africa

Where did persecution happen in world war 2?

In Europe, Africa and in Asia.

Where was World War2 fought?

In Europe, Asia, the pacific, Africa, indonesia.

Is Africa densely populated?

Africa is the least densely populated in the world, aside from Antarctica. The most densely populated continent in the world is Europe.

What was the war in Europe before World War 2 that affected the alliances in Europe?

World War I changed the alliance system in Europe and had grave mental, economic, and political consequences for Germany that contributed to Hitler's rise to power.

What are Napoleon's consequences for Europe?

Napoleon abolished the Holy Roman Empire, and he reduced Europe's population. Some other consequences may be difficult to measure. With Europe weakened, it may have been easier for the United States and Japan to rise as world powers and compete seriously with Europe.

Which is closer to the equator northern europe or central africa?

Central Africa, as the equator already runs through that part. Northern Europe is at one of the highest latitudes in the world.

Why did Africa change after World War 2?

Africa gained Independance, power from Europe, and became Sovereign States.

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