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Q: What were the conditions for soldiers in World War 1?
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What were the living conditions of Russian Soldiers in World War 1?

Really Bad

What were the battle conditions of the Russian soldiers during World War 1?

weapons taken from the dead and wounded

What role did animals play in world war 1?

Animals helped soldiers with daily life conditions!

Did black soldiers fight in World War 1?

Yes, Black Soldiers did fight in World War 1

What did the World War 1 English soldiers eat in the trenches?

British soldiers in world war 1 had 6oz

Newspaper articles of the fighting conditions for the Australian soldiers fighting at Gallipoli in world war 1?

you suck my toe;)

There are about 4 times as many soldiers in world war 2 than in world war 1 what fraction represents world war 1's soldiers to world war 2?

1/4th or a quarter

What were French soldiers known as in World War 1?

The French soldiers in World War I were known as poilu.

How many soldiers died in World War 1 and two?

In World War I about 9.7 million soldiers died. In World War II about 24 million soldiers died.

What were the conditions like in Europe after World War 1?

Conditions were not good in Europe because most of their soldiers were injured or starving to death and they had lack of medicines and food

What disease and health care did they have in world war 1?

they mostly had trenchfoot, and wounded soldiers got infections because of the conditions there

How many soldiers were enlisted in world war 1?

There were 16.1 million soldiers that served in the military during world war 1. In the US 500,000 soldiers volunteered.

How did nurses treat wounded soldiers in World War 1?

Nurses treated soldiers in world war one...

How many soldiers from all over the world fought in world war 1?

how many soldiers fought in world war 1hundreds of thousands

What are the wars of the soldiers who are buried in the tomb of the unknowns?

they were unknown soldiers from world war 1, world war 2, Vietnam war, and the Korean war

How were the living conditions for average soldiers in World War 1 as compared to those for the officers?

They had diffrent living conditions because they were lower than the officers who were more important. what???

Did World War 1 soldiers receive medals after World War 1 or during?

During and after

How many soldiers participated in both of the world wars?

120 million soldiers in world war 1 and An estimated 150 million soldiers in world war 2

How many Canadian soldiers survived world war 1?

About 534,617 soldiers survived world war I. 595,000 soldiers served and 60,383 were dead.

How many Asian soldiers died in World War I and World War 2?

Over one million Asian soldiers died in World War 1.

When did soldiers first start fighting in trenches during World War I?

world war 1 how did soldiers fight in trenches

How many soldiers were shot for cowardice in World War 1?

306 soldiers were shot for cowardice in world war one

How did cholera effect the soldiers in the world war 1?

The question should read "How did cholera AFFECT the soldiers in World War I?"

What diseases did soldiers in World War I get from trenches?

the diseases the soldiers get in d world war 1, waht trench mouth

What was the kill death ratio for Canadian soldiers in World War I?

The amount of Axis Soldiers Canadian Soldiers killed in World War 1 was far greater then the Canadian deaths. The difference ( or ratio) for Canadian Soldiers was 8 - 1. For every Canadian soldiers death there were 8 more Axis kills. The 8-1 difference was the highest in World War 1.

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