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The conditions were very poor. The prisoners were often beaten, starved, worked to death, put into gas chambers, dehumanised and would be thrown into giant furnaces (crematories) while still alive.

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What did the prisoners do in Auschwitz?

Prisoners in Auschwitz just worked, eat, sleep and did. there was no time for entertainment.

How many people stayed in Auschwitz?

The number of people in the Auschwitz complex at any one time was relatively small by comparison with the total number killed there. According to Wikipedia, there were between 13,000 and 16,000 prisoners in Auschwitz at one time. At least 1.1 million people were killed at Auschwitz during the holocaust, most of them shortly after arrival.

How many prisoners total at Auschwitz?

There were a total of 1.1 million deaths at Auschwitz. The barracks at the camp were designed to keep around 150,000 inmates at any one moment. Overall, a minimum of 1.3 million people were sentenced to Auschwitz, this includes the number dead and a full camp. However, during it's time, some prisoners did escape or was moved to other camps, so that will effect the number of deaths.

Why was Auschwitzs so infamous?

Auschwitz was infamous during the holocaust.because, Auschwitz was used as a concentration camp and as a concentration camp. so, during this time Auschwitz had killings of other a million jews and used the prisoners their as slave workers. Auschwitz was also infamous for it labour working because, during the holocaust, auschwitz as a concentration camp made other 125 billion reichmarks. this is so because, Auschwitz was in a higly denced area with it 3 main camp and 45 subcamps, this had a effect on it's amount of slave labour workings which made a seriouse profit and helped the german economy.

How many people were imprisoned in Auschwitz at a time?

Auschwitz expanded rapidly from late 1941 onwards and in 1943-44 held about 100,000 prisoners plus. In January 1945 it had about 67,500 prisoners. These figures exclude those heading straight for the gas chambers. Auschwitz II was organized in such a way that most new arrivals were gassed within about 24 hours of arrival.

How many prisoners of war were killed at Auschwitz?

more that a few thousand, less than a hundred thousand is the most accurate that i can be at this time.

What did the prisoners do each time they entered a Concentration Camp?

There was no rule for what they had to do each time, some places would have them sing, there was a band playing by the gate at Auschwitz for people returning from work.

How many prisoners did Auschwitz have?

Over the entire time span it was open, Auschwitz held approximately 2.5 to 4 million people. This figure, however, is an estimate; regarding the fact that the Nazis destroyed many of their documents prior to Allied intervention.

How many prisoners were in Auschwitz at one time?

The Maximum capacity was 1.5 Million but the Maximum in the camps at a time was 750,000. There were Plans to extend the Camp System to hold 2.8 Million People in a go. ___________________ This is unlikely

Which method was used to execute the largest number of prisoners at a time during the Holocaust?

Gassing (in gas chambers) killed most prisoners most quickly.

Which nationalities were imprisoned at Auschwitz?

all nationalities that were under the Nazi yoke appeared there at some time during the Holocaust.

Who freed the Jews from Auschwitz?

The Nazis. To say 'freed' is a bit of a kindness, they marched them out. They did also leave those too sick to walk to fend for themselves. ______________ Auschwitz was liberated by the Soviet Army on 27 January 1945. By that time there was only about 7,500 prisoners still in the camp, most of them desperately ill.

When did Himmler visit Auschwitz for the first time and what did he ordered to happen?

Heinrich Himmler, Reichsführer -SS, came to Auschwitz for the first time on 1 March 1941. After a thorough inspection of the camp and the surrounding terrain, Himmler ordered Höss to undertake the following: -Extend the camp at Auschwitz until it was able to accommodate 30,000 prisoners. -Build a camp for 100,000 prisoners of war near the village of Brzezinka . -Supply IG Farben with 10,000 prisoners to build an industrial plant at Dwory. -Prepare the entire area for farming purposes. -Build camp workshops for handicraft purposes. -Indicatelarge armament plants should be built near the camp. -Build an settlement for SS men.

When was incarceration used for the first time as a penalty for criminals?

The Romans used prisons around 640 BC. The Mametime Prison was one of the first at that time, having horrible environment for the prisoners, such as contamination with human waste. Prisoners were held in squalid conditions.

What is the ISBN of The Prisoners of Time?

The ISBN of The Prisoners of Time is 0-425-11568-2.

Did all Jews get tattood?

No. Tattooing has been given an iconic significance in many popular accounts of the Holocaust, way beyond its actual importance. It was used at the Auschwitz group of camps (which included the Buna camp) for prisoners who were selected as labourers, both Jewish and non-Jewish. It was not used outside this group for new arrivals sent straight to the gas chambers.Obviously, any prisoner who had spent some time as a labourer at the Auschwitz group carried the tattoo with him/her. So, prisoners who were moved to other camps later, such as Buchenwald, had an Auschwitz tattoo.

How many people were in one hut in the holocaust?

by meaning 1 hut, i think you mean either How many people were in 1 concentration camp or 1 hut as a gas chamber at Auschwitz I well i tell both Depending on which concentration camp, theirs hundreds of them with spaces but i use a popular common camp and that is Auschwitz II-Birkenau. Auschwitz II-Birkenau has a max cap of 2.1 million people. Red house hut was a hut only for gas chamber prisoners and it could kill up to 12,500 prisoners at a time

What were the prisons like in England in the 1770s?

Conditions in most prisons at that time were grim. Very few people cared about prisoners, and they usually had to pay for their food.

What is Auschwitz like?

Auschwitz was a bloody place to be in and at the time it was used as a death factory which worsen peoples lifes

How many people died at Auschwitz in one day World War 1?

Auschwitz did not exist at that time.

What time did Auschwitz camp to be made?


What where the conditions in China during 1940?

The living conditions were poor due to the fact that they were being invaded by Japan at the time.

During unfavorable conditions an ameba forms a?

during unfavorable conditions, an ameba forms a cyst, this hard walled body can exist for a long period of time until conditions become favourable again

How was Auschwitz destroyed?

JanuaryThe retreating Germans forced all remaining prisoners able to walk to go on death marches toward the German border. Tens of thousands of survivors were now forced on these long marches. A large percentage of these prisoners died during these marches. Prisoners that tripped or stumbled were immediately shot. Approximately 20.000 of 58.000 prisoners died en route, from exhaustion, starvation, cold, beatings, and executions by guards. After that Germans tried to blow up the camp so there weren't any clews of death behind but they didn't have enough time so they just got to destroy the crematorium.

What were working conditions for factory workers during the the Civil War?

Working conditions during the Civil War were harsh. People worked long hours and were paid very low wages. There were strikes during this time by workers to improve the working conditions.

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