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The main one was that they would be discovered. They were playing a dangerous game and they knew it. The slaves would be punished and they could be jailed for hiding them.

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Q: What were the dangers of the underground railroad?
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What dangers did slaves face on the Underground Railroad?

slaves faced enslavers and dogs

What dangers did the slaves face as they traveled through the Underground railroad?

seriously i want to know

Why is the underground railroad called the underground railroad?

because its called underground railroad

What dangers would slaves face on Underground Railroad?

one of the fears was that they feared getting cought by someone who is with slavery

Was the Underground Railroad underground?

No it is known as the underground railroad as it was hidden from sight

Who was a famous conductor on the Underground Railroad?

Harriet Tubman, but to be clear, the Underground Railroad is not underground and it is not a real railroad.

What is the name of the railroad that Harriet Tubman worked on?

The Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad.

When did the underground railroad happen?

The underground railroad happened in the 1830

When did the Underground Railroad end?

The underground railroad ended 1865

Why did they call it the underground railroad if it wasnt a railroad?

They called it the underground railroad because it was hidden which is kind of like underground and it was a railroad because they had a route they followed like a train hence the name underground railroad

Did Harriet Tubman dig the underground railroad?

No, Harriet Tubman did not dig the underground railroad because the underground railroad was not a physical thing that was dug. The underground railroad was a cahain of houses and hiding places, and not an actual railroad.

Why is Underground Railroad a metaphor?

because.......... its a railroad that is underground therefor a metaphor

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