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Q: What were the economic activities of new york during 1600-1700?
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What are the economic activities of New York?

a brief description of the major economic activity in new york

What are the economic activities in New York?

Fur trading and that it!

What were the Economic activities of New York during 1880-1920?

baseball, listening to sports and events on the radio,watching "game shows on tv", and stuff like that

What is the New York economic activities consists of?

The New York colonist traded, and developed the first money system with Alexander Hamilton

What were the major economic activities in new Amsterdam New York?

they allowed any religion and they were a self government

What was the economic activities of New York colony?

trading with manufactured goods,furs and lumber with the Triangular Trade Route

What are the major economic activities in Mexico city Mexico?

The largest economic activity is services and commerce, accounting for approximately 61.5% of total economic activities. Another 38.4% of the city's GDP is conformed by industrial activities, such as manufacturing. Considering Mexico City is a large urban conglomerate akin to New York City, it is not surprising that a mere 0.1% is dedicated to agriculture.

What was the region of least economic growth during the eighteenth century?

New York

The region of least economic growth during the eighteenth century was?

New York

What major economic activities were in colonial New York?

Trading...there were many beavers and other fur animals and fur hats were worth their weight in gold in england!

When was The Economic Club of New York created?

The Economic Club of New York was created in 1907.

Which was most responsible for the rapid economic growth of New York City during the 19th Century?

Rise of domestic and foreign commerce

What are the economics of New York?

a brief description of the major economic activity in new york

What kinds of activities are there at Radio City Music Hall on Christmas?

Radio City Music Hall is an entrainment venue located in Rockefeller Center in New York City. Activities held during Christmas include The Radio City Christmas Spectacular and The Rockettes.

Are there any listings in New York for a janitorial position?

"There will be listings in both New York state and New York City for janitorial positions. Even during these economic times, offices and businesses still need to have janitorial staff to make sure that their locations are clean and appealing to both staff and customers."

Was New York founded for economic reasons?


What are some economic products of New York?

the answer is - MACKENZIE! there is no answer

What is New York's main economic source?


Hotel Deals in New York?

Everybody wants to visit New York city, and everyone should do so at least once in their lives. The cultural activities alone that the city has to offer are enough to keep the average person busy for months. Hotel deals in New York can be found during any time of the years.

How were women treated in the New York colony?

Life for women in the New York Colony was difficult. They worked hard and had a lot of responsibility. They were expected to marry before they reached the age of 25. They were not treated with love and romance. Marriage during that time was for convenience and economic reasons.

Where is the financial and political center in the US?

The political center is without a doubt Washington DC as it is the seat of the federal government. The financial center would probably be considered New York as Wall Street is a kind of metonymy for the economic, business, and banking activities of the nation.

Why immigration to New York?

Economic opportunity and removal from persecution.

What were the economic characteristics in new york?

It had good potting soil.

What sort of activities do in New York?

Most of New York's sports are done inside like: indoor football, and dodgeball.

What government institution handles the volcanic activities inthe country?