What were the effects of black death?

The Feudal system collapsed because when a lot of the villeins and workers died, the lords had no one to work on the fields. Since the villagers couldn't do it themselves, they all abandoned their villages. If the lords and their families died, the left over villeins were free to move into the manor house and start farming for themselves.
the effects of the black death were

it reduced the population of England

shortage of labour

schools closed

thieves took advantage and started raiding homes
People died

There were several. The Black Death was an infectious repository disease, meaning it hurt the lungs. Victims would often experience violent, sometimes bloody coughs. There would also be painful buboes throughout the body, often around the neck, groin, or armpits. I hope that helped! PS :: The answer above mine is true. Lots and lots of people died!
* killed many people * prevented trade as people didn't want to meet with others from other towns * prices and wages rose afterwards because there were very few people left who were able to work the land, so labourers got better pay and living conditions * loads of priests died so the churches power dropped
The peasants realized that because all the lords of the manors had died as well as the peasants, they were all the same, and realized that they should not have to pay taxes, as they were also angry because none of the manors had helped them through the crisis. This caused the peasants revolt.