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The conditions were really tough for both the Japanese and the Australian army. That had to climb through thick, waist deep mud, climb high mountains, walk through razor sharp kunai grass and walk along the narrow dirt tracks. The fought day and night putting up with the cold wet rainfall especially the cold nights.

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Were any of the Australian soldiers experienced fighters on the Kokoda track?

The men of the Australian Army were veterans of fighting in the New Guinea Campaign.

Who won the battle of kokoda?

The Australian soldiers won the battle of kokoda

How many Australian troops were sent on the Kokoda trail?

2009 soldiers

How were soldiers in Kokoda entertained?

They were busy fighting and surviving - there was no time for entertainment.

Where did you send Australian soldiers in the battle of kokoda?

In the battle of Kokoda, the Australians fought in harsh conditions along the Kokoda Track. They fought the Japanese at Eora Creek, TempletonÕs Crossing, Efogi, Mission Ridge and Ioribaiwa. By mid-September, the Japanese withdrew from the Kokoda Track, defeated and depleted of supplies.

Why were our soldiers on the Kokoda Track?

To stop the approaching Japanese armies, kokoda is right next to the cape york peninsula, a few hundred kilometres away, The Japanese wished to press further south past kokoda in order to capture ports and set up airbases to bombard the Australian coast and possibly support an invasion of Australia. In the end Australian soldiers were on the Kokoda Track to prevent the Japanese advance which they succeeded in doing after months of fighting

What were the fighting conditions like in kokda?

The Kokoda Track Campaign was one of the Australian Army's toughest campaigns of the war. As it was in the tropical environment of Papua, malaria, dysentery, and other tropical diseases were always a risk. An estimated 4,000 soldiers of the Australian Army alone are listed as casualties from illness.

Who helped the Australian soldiers on the kokoda track?

The Papua New Guinea Natives

Where did Australian Soldiers Sleep on the Kokoda Track?

They probably slept where they could off the trail .

When did the Australian soldiers started walking kokoda?

The Japanese started moving south from Buna towards Port Moresby along the Kokoda Trail against Australian defenses starting around July 21, 1942. Google: Kokoda Trail

What were the major fighting events on the kokoda track?

The 7th Australian Division, and a Japanese force equivalent to two regiments.

Did any body help the men in kokoda trail?

The soldiers fighting against the Japanese on the Kokoda Trail were given invaluable help by the native Papua New Guineans, who were affectionately known as the "Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels".

Who were the Australians fighting in the Kokoda Track campaign and why?

An Australian force was established from 6th Division to protect Port Moresby from a Japanes attempt to capture it.

Conditions of the kokoda track?


What are they key events of the Kokoda campaign?

Japan sent a small force from New Guinea south from New Guinea into Papua. This was intercepted at Kokoda by an Australian battalion, which was progressively reinforces. The Japanese broke through and the Australians made a fighting withdrawal to Iorabaiwa Ridge, at which stage the Japanese ran low on food and ammunition and conducted a fighting withdrawal back up the Kokoda Track through Kokoda and back to the New Guinea north coast.

Who was victorious in the capture of the Kokoda Track?

The Australian Army.

Why were the Australians involved in the Kokoda war?

The war was World War 2. Australia was involved because Papua New Guinea was a territory of Australia, and it had the responsibility to defend it. A small Japanese force moved from New Guinea towards Port Moresby and an Australian force moved north to oppose it at Kokoda, then fighting a defensive withdrawal to Iorabaiwa, then being reinforced and driving the Japanese back again through Kokoda to pin them against the north coast.

How many soldiers died at Kokoda trail?


What happened on the Australian home front during the Kokoda campaign?

During the Kokoda campaign, the Japanese were successful in making an attack on the Australian home front. The Australians were forced to retreat and were left were running low on supplies and disease reduced their fighting ability. Later on, the American fought along side of the Australians and defeated the Japanese.

What were the conditions like in kokoda?

josh muscat

Where can you find information about the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea including details of the battle and living conditions?

See the Web Links to the left for information on Kokoda conditions. On the one titled 'Kokoda Trail I,' don't miss a second link they have to 'Kokoda Track II'.

Why did Kokoda happen?

The Japanese attempted to drive down the Kokoda Track to take Port Moresby. Australian forces resisted.

Who won the battle for kokoda?

The Australian soldiers won the Battle for Kokoda. There are a few different dates for the exact victory; some sources say the 18th of November, some the 22nd of January. One source says that the Australians forced the Japanese back almost the the water.

How did the Kokoda Campaign affect the war effort?

It focused the Australian Army's attention on fighting in the tropics as opposed to desert warfare in the Middle East, and the Navy on operating with the US Navy.

How did the soldiers cope with the weather on the Kokoda Track?

Like all good soldiers they adapted themselves to it.