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What were the first 13 colonies?

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Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Delaware, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

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Founder of First 13 Colonies?

Who were the first founders of the first 13 colonies

Where was the first public school system in the 13 colonies?

13 colonies

Which was the first government of the 13 colonies?

The first, the Massachusetts Government Act was government of the 13 colonies.

Was Kentucky one of the first 13 colonies in the US?

No, Kentucky was not one of the first 13 colonies in the US.

One of the 13 original colonies?

Delaware first of the original 13 colonies

What were the first 13 colonies called?

i have no idea sorry but maybe its the first original 13 colonies WHERE? you awesome for posting this :)

Why did the 13 colonies fight englanD?

the 13 colonies fought england because the 3 colonies wanted to exploer first

What were the first 13 states of the us called?

The 13 colonies

Who made the first flag of the original 13 colonies?

Betsy Ross made the flag of the 13 colonies.

What was the first college founded in the 13 colonies?

The first college founded in the 13 colonies was Harvard. This college is in Massachusetts. The college was founded in1636.

Why does the flag have 13 stripes?

The US flage has 13 stripes in honour of the first 13 colonies that had formed after Plymouth Rock.The 13 stripes represent the 13 colonies.

What country discovered the 13 colonies?

Well, it was discovered by the Dutch and French, but the English were the first to claim what was then the 13 colonies.

Was Alaska one of the first 13 colonies?

It was not.

What was the first capital of the 13 colonies?

Montgomery is the first capital

What was the first colony of the 13?

Virginia was the first of the thirteen colonies

Who in the 13 colonies established the first public library hospital and Fire Department?

.who was the first planter to raise a successful crop of indigo in the 13 colonies

Why did the first us flag have 13 stripes?

they represented the 13 colonies

How much stars did first American flag have?

13 for the 13 colonies

What are first 13 original states of the US called?

The 13 Colonies.:)

What was the first capitol of the 13 colonies?

The 13 colonies didn't have capitols until after 1789 when the Constitution was signed and the US was created.

Which state was the first of the 13 colonies?

Delaware became the first state.

What is the signifigance of Jamestown?

It was the first town in the 13 colonies

What was the number of the first British colonies in America?


Which of the first 13 colonies was the most northern?


Where was the first settlement in the 13 colonies?

Jamestown, Virginia