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What were the genres of literature during the Middle Ages?

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There were quite a few, see the link below for all of them.

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How did literature change during the Middle ages?

because of me

What was the main thematic focus of art during the middle ages?


What was the theme of most works of visual arts and literature in the middle ages?

In the middle ages, there are much stories about knights. You have the stories about King Arthur for example. Also, animals were important in the middle ages. This is only about literature, but I don't know about arts.

Who studied grammar poetry literature drama philosophy and history during the Renaissance period?

Humanist are people who studied grammar poetry literature drama philosophy and history during the middle ages.

What happened to the insane during the Middle Ages?

During the middle ages the insane were usually outcasts.

How did the new vernacular literature reflect the growing national pride in the middle ages?

There was no literature in the middle ages. It takes a printing press to publish literature and that wasn't invented until 1446 in Germany. People couldn't read or write in the middle ages so no one could read literature, if it had existed. Because there was no "new vernacular literature" it did not reflect a national pride. People also didn't have "nationalism" in the middle ages. They owed an allegiance to a king and the nobility.

How does literature reflect aspects of European culture in the Middle-Ages?

poetry from the serfs

When did the late Middle Ages start?

During the Middle Ages. But late.

What was the main type of government during the Dark Ages (Middle Ages)?

Kingdoms were the form of government during the Middle Ages

Did the Middle Ages take place during the 1200s?

No, it is the reverse. The 1200s took place during the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages lasted from about 476 to about 1453 AD.

Who invaded Europe in the Middle Ages?

Who invaded Europe during the middle ages

What is a scholastic middle ages?

The scholastic philosophy developed during the middle ages.

What was the name of the holy wars during the middle ages?

Crusades is the name for the holy wars during the Middle Ages.

During the Middle Ages noblewomen had?

During the middle ages noble women had no opportunity no learn how to read and write.

What was the most powerful force in Europe during the Middle Ages?

what was the most powerful Fource During the Middle ages

What thing had the most influence during the middle ages?

wars had the most influence during the Middle Ages in Europe.

During the Middle Ages art was mainly commissioned by?

During the Middle Ages art was mainly commissioned by The Church.

What was a Pantler in the Middle Ages?

A Pantler in the middle ages was a Kings servant (during the feasts.)

What was the middle ages trial?

During the middle ages, heresy trials were called inquisitions.

The middle ages is also known as?

rebirth of art music and literature

What kind of work were most people involved in during the middle ages?

During the Middle Ages, most people were farmers.

Did Queen Elizabeth rule during the middle ages?

Queen Elizabeth I ruled during the Renaissance, after the Middle Ages ended.

Who was the primary government during the Middle Ages?

Feudalism and feudal monarchies where the primary form of government during the middle ages.

What is meant by medieval texts?

Medieval texts would be either material that was written during the Middle Ages, or material that was transcribed or translated during the Middle Ages. Since there are nearly no original texts left from ancient times, the medieval copies of ancient literature are very important.

Why did Sigrid Undset win The Nobel Prize in Literature in 1928?

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1928 was awarded to Sigrid Undset principially for her powerful descriptions of Northern life during the Middle Ages.