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Q: What were the ideas behind the American Revolution?
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The enlightenment and the great awakening caused?

The ideas of the enlightenment mostly influenced American revolution.

What political ideas influenced the American revolution?

the political ideas that influenced the revolution was that they ( patriots or loyalists) wanted to be independent.

Why was the Marquis de Lafayette interested in the American Revolution?

He was inspired by the ideas of the Revolution

How did the ideas of Enlightenment influence the American Revolution?

Thomas Jefferson, the voice of the American Revolution, embraced john Locke's ideas about every man's right to life, liberty, and property.

Did europeans see the American revolution as a victory for the enlightenment ideas?


The basic ideas behind the Nullification Crisis were also among the basic ideas behind which American conflict?

The Civil War.

What characteristic of most state constitutions created during the American revolution strongly influenced the ideas behind he American government?

Most state constitutions had rules to protect the rights of citizens or those accused of crimes.

The basic ideas behind the Nullification Crisis were also among the basic ideas behind which of the following American conflicts?

the civil war

Which three of the following were motivating ideas for Latin American revolutionary leaders?

The revolutionaries in Latin America were encouraged by the French Revolution and the American Revolution.

In what ways did the leaders of the French Revolution borrow ideas from the American Revolution?

The French Revolution borrowed enlightenment ideas which had first been successfully put into place in America. Read "the declaration of the rights of man" its littered with stuff that's almost straight out of the American constitution.

What 2 revolutions were directly affected by the enlightenment ideas?

American Revolution and French Revolution. They were both justified themselves with Enlightenment ideals.

How did the Enlightenment ideas influence the American Revolution and Constitution?

It rejected traditional social, religious, and political values.