Who had the same ideas as John Locke?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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john Locke was an inspiration to the founding fathers of America. He influenced the American Revolution and the French Revolution. He especially influenced Thomas Jefferson's writing of the Declaration of Independence.

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Q: Who had the same ideas as John Locke?
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Which American founder base their new governments on the ideas of this enlightenment philosopher?

john Locke

Whose ideas were used to write the U.S. Constitution?

john Locke's

The system checks and balances in the US constitution was influenced by the ideas of which enlightenment thinker?

John Locke

Whose ideas did Jefferson draw upon while drafting the delcaration of Independence?

John Locke my friend, john Locke

What two ideas of Locke won the attention of many intellectuals?

John Locke was a prominent philosopher who espoused the ideas of the Social Contract, as well as popular sovereignty. The founding fathers included both of these ideas within the American Constitution.

Who Argued the ideas of natural rights?

John Locke

Who disliked john Locke's ideas and why?

Your mom. XDDD

Who inspired the ideas of the declaration of independence?

John Locke

Who used ideas from John Locke?

Thomas Jefferson

The declaration of independence was based on the ideas of who?

John Locke

The ideas found in the Declaration of Independence are based on whose ideas?

John Locke

Who did Thomas Jefferson get ideas from for the declaration of Independence?

The ideas of John Locke and Thomas Paine influenced the writing of the Declaration of Independance.