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People wanted to get laid

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Q: What were the issues of the Puritan Revolution in England?
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What is a puritan conformist?

A Puritan who stayed in the Church of England.

What has the author Stuart E Prall written?

Stuart E. Prall has written: 'The agitation for law reform during the Puritan Revolution, 1640-1660' -- subject(s): History, Law reform 'Bloodless Revolution England 1688' 'The agitation for law reform during the Puritan Revolution 1640-60'

What is the relationship between religion and law in puritan New England?

Religion is the law in Puritan New England.

Where did puritan colonists emigrate from?


What was the immediate result of the puritan revolution was?

I like dick

How were unmarried Puritan Adults treated in Puritan New England?

They were expected to live with a family.

Did Oliver Cromwell want the Church of England to be more Catholic or more Puritan?


What religion was England after the civil war?


Did the glorious revolution prevented a puritan from succeeding to the throne?

No (False)

An immediate result of the puritan revolution was?

The creation of a military dictatorship

What is the leaving from England of the Puritans called?

This movement was known as the Puritan migration.

Why was Thomas Hooker banished from England?

He disagreed with the Puritan teachers.