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Convicts had to clean the deck and look after themselves.

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mining stone,cutting wood and digging holes as far as i know

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Q: What were the jobs for convicts on the First Fleet?
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How many female convicts were in the First Fleet?

There were 180 female convicts on the First Fleet.

Were female convicts transported on the first fleet?

Yes. There were 192 female convicts on the First Fleet.

What did convicts on the first fleet drink?

The convicts on the First Fleet were only given water to drink.

How did the convicts get on the first fleet?

They walked on

What are prisoners called on the first fleet?

The prisoners on the First Fleet were known as convicts.

How are the first fleet and the first free settlers different?

The First Fleet carried convicts and their military guards, the first free settlers came later and were not convicts

What fleet carried convicts to Australia?

The First Fleet carried the first group of convicts to Australia. It was followed later by the Second and Third fleets, but after that, shiploads of convicts sailed independently or in pairs.

How many convicts on the Fishburn of the First Fleet?

The Fishburn was a storeship. It carried no convicts.

How many convicts were a on the First Fleet?


When did the First Fleet convicts get food?

At mealtimes.

Were all the people on the first fleet convicts?

No. The First Fleet consisted of convicts, officers, marines and, in some cases, their families, and some free settlers.

How many of the convicts in the First Fleet were women?

Sources vary, but the number of female convicts on the First Fleet is estimated to have been between 180 or 189.