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Meriden Firearms was a subsidiary of Sears Roebuck from about 1905-1915. I can't locate a listing for a single shot pistol they made, but other similar guns from that time period list for $100-$200 depending on condition.

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Q: What were the manufacture dates of the Meriden 22 cal single shot pistol and what is the approximate value?
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How much for a dicker Spain 45 cal pistol?

Assuming you have a single shot ball and cap black powder pistol, anywhere from $50 to $100. These are modern manufacture reproductions, and relatively cheap.

What is the value and manufacture date for a Smith and Wesson Straight Line Single Shot Pistol serial?

No serial number provide; 50-850 USD

Where can you find information about an 12 gauge AJ Aubrey Meriden Firearms Co single shot shotgun serial 18861?

Meriden Firearms, Meriden, Connecticut, operated from 1905 to 1915 and was owned by Sears Robuck. Mr. A J Aubrey was the Sears official in charge of Meriden Firearms.

Where can I find assembly drawings of a Herter single action 22 l r pistol?

Herter did not manufacture firearms. They imported other maker's product and put their name on it.

Where can you find a fore stock for a Meriden single barrel shotgun?

Try Numrich Arms

What is the year of manufacture of ruger single six serial 260-18449?

Ruger website, under Customer Service, Historical Data, pick rifle pistol revolver or shotgun, then your model, and date of manufacture by serial number range is shown.

Can you make a single shot pistol be an semi automatic pistol?

No, if it was designed to be a single shot, it's a single shot. It needs to be reloaded after each shot.

Meriden choked barrel single shot 12ga any value?

50-100 usd

Is ME 8 police a gas pistol?

no, its a single action pistol what uses blanks

What is the definition of a pistol weapon?

A pistol is a single hand firearm with a short barrel.

What is the approximate date of manufacture for a single barrel utility shotgun made by Crescent Firearms Co of Norwich Conn with the name Victor Ejector?

It would be somewhere between 1893 and 1930.

What is value of a Meriden model 1906 single shot rifle?

25-75 USD depending on condition

When was the colt single-shot pistol serial number 70974a made?

AFAIK, Colt never made a single shot pistol

How old is serial 74583 Webley Scott?

In order to answer your question correctly i would need to know what type of firearm you are asking about(shotgun,single shot pistol,revolver,semi-auto pistol,etc.)The model of your firearm,and the caliber.All of these help in identifying what model of Webley and Scott you have,and the time frame of manufacture.

How much is meriden model 10 22 caliber single shot rifle worth?

$50-$85, depending on condition

What is a 22 caliber Falcon single action pistol?

a gun lol

What is the most popular 22 cal pistol?

Ruger Single Six

Who makes single pump 177 pellet pistol?

Beeman makes the single pump pneumatic .177 pellet pistol called a P3 there are several variations of this German pistol like the "Marksman 2004" made in China and a few other less valuable and less quality.

What guns can you use a 40 caliber bullet?

any single or double action semi-automatic pistol listed as a 40 caliber pistol...............

How many bullets can you shoot in a minute pistol?

Depends entirely on the pistol. I have a single shot muzzle loading pistol that 2 shots a minute would be good. A fully automatic machine pistol can fire more than 100 rounds per minute. You need to specify WHICH pistol, as there is no one answer.

When was colt single action pistol serial?

You will have to call Colt with the sn to find out.

Colt single action frontier Scout 22 lr?

A nice pistol

What year was colt single action pistol seiral number 288844?

about 1908

Herters single action pistol hammer stuck open?

You need a gunsmith

Haw much is there in the would?

How much would a 22LR single shot pistol ?