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What were the manufacture dates of the Meriden 22 cal single shot pistol and what is the approximate value?


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Meriden Firearms was a subsidiary of Sears Roebuck from about 1905-1915. I can't locate a listing for a single shot pistol they made, but other similar guns from that time period list for $100-$200 depending on condition.


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Assuming you have a single shot ball and cap black powder pistol, anywhere from $50 to $100. These are modern manufacture reproductions, and relatively cheap.

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Meriden Firearms, Meriden, Connecticut, operated from 1905 to 1915 and was owned by Sears Robuck. Mr. A J Aubrey was the Sears official in charge of Meriden Firearms.

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Herter did not manufacture firearms. They imported other maker's product and put their name on it.

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No, if it was designed to be a single shot, it's a single shot. It needs to be reloaded after each shot.

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