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Not all were sailors of course, my grandfather was in the Army and stationed at Scholfield Barracks near Wheeler Field. At the time of the attack most of the soldiers were in the breakfast line, many men were killed right there.

AnswerThey were getting ready to go to Sunday mass....reading their letters from home,cleaning gun barrels, knapping in their onboard cots, you know, was the weekend. AnswerA lot were sleeping. It was Sunday morning, they were sailors and many had been out late on Satuday night.
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Q: What were the men doing at Pearl Harbor when the attack began?
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What led to the battle of Pearl Harbor?

start of the pearl harbor attacki my is Dennis i think the attack on pearl harbor was caused by the us not doing trade with japan.

What were the Us servicemen doing just before the attack on pearl harbor?

Just waking up.

What was the world doing before the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Well we were fighting in the war. the ship that was there was just reloading on supplies and taking a break when the Japanes attacked Pearl Harbor.

What were soldiers doing before the attack on Pearl Harbor?

The primary target at Pearl Harbor was the US Navy (Sailors), the US Army (Soldiers) were a secondary target. US Servicemen were just waking up on a Sunday morning, when the attack came.

What was Pearl Harbor doing?

Pearl Harbor was the main port for the US Navy in the Pacific Ocean.

What were the US servciemen doing just before the Pearl Harbor attack?

most where sleeping, but some where at the morning flag ceremony.

Where was the USS Enterprise when pearl harbor was bombed?

It was out of Pearl Harbor doing training exercises with the other carriers.

What began the attack of Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese needed to acquire sources of raw materials in southeast Asia and knew that doing so by force would involve the US in military action. So they struck first, with the first blow landing at Pearl Harbor, with attacks on Singapore, Wake Island, and the Philippines following within hours.

What were Japanese diplomats doing prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor?

They were trying to figure out a way to give the USA the declaration of war only moments before the attack so that the surprise would not be outside of the rules of war. They failed in this regard and the declaration of war was provided to Washington over three hours after the attack began.

What was president Roosevelt doing at the time of pearl harbor?


What were many Americans doing on the eve of pearl harbor?

-peyton is amazing

What events triggered US entry into World War 2?

The attack of Pearl harbor and then the united states got word of what hitler was doing to the Jews and so we invaded

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