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Accurate estimates are hard to come by, but according to the Dorling Kindersley Atlas of World History(which is as good a source as any) there were approx. 13.5 million Red Army/partisan deaths in the USSR(including 3.6 million Soviet POWs that died in German captivity). Given that the widely accepted total is 23 million(not inc. Stalin's murders in that period), the civilian dead numbers about 10 million.

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Q: What were the military and civilian human losses in Russia during World War 2?
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What were the military and civilian losses for Germany Britain US China and Japan in World War 2?

Germany military-3,250,000 civilian-3,810,000 Britain military-452,000 civilian-60,000 United States military-295,000 civilian-minimal China military-3,500,000 civilian-10,000,000 Japan military-1,700,000 civilian-360,000

Which country sufferd the most losses in World War 2?

Of the 48.2 million deaths from all causes during WWII the Soviet Union suffered the greatest losses in human lives with an estimated 10 million military and 10 million civilian deaths. As a matter of interest, Russia (pre Communist) also suffered the worst losses in WW I.

Discuss the human costs of the war with particular attention to the civilian and military losses in Russia Germany Britain the US China and Japan?

This is not a question, but a statement from a test or worksheet. Wiki will not do your homework, but will give you suggestions if you need help.

What county suffered the biggest losses during world war 1?

Russia suffered the biggest losses during WW1.

Which country suffered the bigggest losses during world war 1?

Russia suffered the most total casualties.But in terms of percentage of of military forces it was Austria-Hungary

What country suffered the biggest losses during world war 1?


Whch country suffered the biggest losses during world war 1?


How many armies did America fight in World War 2?

Casualties:Military dead:Over 16,000,000Civilian dead:Over 45,000,000Total dead:Over 61,000,000losses:Military dead:Over 8,000,000Civilian dead:Over 4,000,000Total dead:Over 12,000,000

Was it true that the fall of the confederate city of atlanta began a series of devastating losses in the south that had a serious effect on the civilian population?

The fall of the confederate city of Atlanta had devastating losses and a horrific effect on the civilian population of Atlanta. The union states did not however think that Atlanta had great military significance and this was not an intended outcome.

How many North Vietnamese died in the Vietnam war?

Estimates vary but the US puts the number of NVA and VC killed at about1.1 million. The current Vietnamese government puts out the number of2 million as its wartime losses both civilian and military.North Vietnamese government reported 1,100,000 military personnel killed during the war.

Property losses in world war-2?

Civilian property losses were minimal. Naval vessels were the primary targets.

Who suffered the most losses in the war?


What was worse Napoleons invasion of Spain or Russia?

Both were bad, but his losses in Russia were terrible.

Which country suffered the biggest losses during world war 1?

Russia suffered the greatest loss of life during World War I. There were thousands of casualties on all sides suffered during the war.

Why was the US able to implement the Marshall plan after world war 2?

The U.S. military suffered few losses during the war.

How many people did the soviet union lose during World War 2?

The total losses amount to 26,530,057 people. Of these, 11,285,057 loss of soldiers killed or missing in action (including 2 million who died in captivity), 15,245,000 civilian losses from all causes.

What problems did Russia face in World War 1?

Communism was a major obstacle during World War I. The country suffered several huge military losses, killing thousands of Russian soldiers and because of all the money spent on the war, the government could not help its people recover from a countrywide famine.

What a graph represents?

A graph can be used to display almost anything. One of the classics is by Minard and depicts the losses suffered by Napoleon's army during his invasion of Russia. Another is by the first medical statistician, Florence Nightingale, and depicts deaths in the Crimea which supported the argument for an improvement of hygiene in military hospitals and thereby reduce fatalities.

How many lives were lost?

The US lost around 58,220 men in the war. The Vietnamese military and civilian losses are not know but it is estimated to be from in the hundreds of thousands, up to 3 million. It is also estimated that 200,000 to 300,000 Cambodians were killed and between 20,000 and 200,000 Laotians.

How many Americans were saved by the bombing of japan?

A study done by William Shockley came up with an upper end figure of 4,000,000 US casualties to conquer Japan. According to his report, projected Japanese losses, military and civilian, would have been a minimum of 5,000,000.

What was the total of losses during Battle of Stalingrad?

Nearly 2 million losses.

How did the russo japanese war show the czars weakness?

One.of the first losses that Russia took and that decreased morale in russia. Also russian

What do you mean by link losses in satellite communication?

the first artificial rocket, lunch in Russia

How many people died in ww1 from russia?

about 60,000 men died from Russia and a few women (4,500) did too from losses, heart attack and disease

What effect was on people of Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

As with most wars, it mainly effected the families that suffered losses. However, in Vietnam's case, it affected anyone facing the military draft.