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The characters in "My First Dive with the Dolphins" were Reed, Ernestine, Lucky, and Arnie. That's all I can think of. :)

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Do dolphins dive?

Yes, dolphins dive. What is not known is how deep they can dive although many don't dive more than 150 feet deep.

How deep do dolphins dive?

they can dive down 2 miles! i'm not kidding!

How deep can a dolphins dive?

Dolphins can swim up to 50 meters deep.

Why do dolphins dive in an angle?

Because if they dive into the water at a straight angle while moving, they could injure themselves.

How are Tom Daley and dolphins the same?

Maybe, because they both can dive !

How do sea lions breathe under water?

They don't breathe under water, certainly not like fish do. When they dive they hold their breath, just like whales and dolphins do when they dive. They close their nostrils as they dive to prevent water from coming into their lungs, just as whales/dolphins close their blow-holes before they dive or submerge themselves in the water.

How deep can dolphins dive?

The deepest diving whale is the sperm whale. It can dive up to10,500 feet. (new person) a whale or a dolphin? A dolphin can dive up to 2 miles in the ocean !

What is an example of alliteration with dolphins?

dolphins dive deep into the dark damp water

Can you use dive in pokemonheartgold?

first of all how do you get dive in the first place?

How deep in the water can dolphins dive?

The dolphin is capable of diving for up to 20 minutes at 300 meters, this is to be considered as maxima for a bottlenose dolphin, although in some experiments they have dived to about 500 meters. Usually, bottlenose dolphins will not dive very deep.

How do Dolphins dive and live under water?

by using their great body strength and lung capacity

Do Bottlenose dolphins swim in deep or shallow waters?

Bottle nose dolphins can swim in shallow water because they can inhale the air humans inhale to. The dolphins can all so dive to under 1000fl to the bottom of the sea

What is the idiom dive a head first mean?

"Dive in head first" is to rush into a situation without thinking.

Where do you find the submarine in sapphire?

you first go to steven to get dive and dive dvie

How deep do dolphins swim?

The bottle-nosed dolphin is known to dive to the bottom of oceanic trenches.Dolphins can swim to a maximum depth of 40 metres without holding thier breath.

Is dive a verb or noun?

The word dive is a noun (dive, dives), a singular common noun, and a verb (dive, dives, diving, dove). Example uses:Noun: Your first dive was your best dive.Verb: I can't wait to dive into the barbecue vittles.

Why can dolphins dive deeper and longer than humans?

Dolphins have a much better lung capacity then humans. Dolphins also have a much more streamlined body that is made for swimming in water. These make the dolphin faster and their air from on breath lasts longer.

How deep can a dolphin dive without getting scared?

The deepest dolphin dive ever recorded was a bottlenose dolphin called tuffy. He dove 300 meters (990 ft.) however, dolphins do not dive very deep at all. They usually live in shallow waters.

What to after do after getting dive for steven sapphire?

go to sotopolis and dive there. (there is two dive area. first to sotopolis island and second near go to second beat the bed guys and then in first.)

What is the first dive that a beginner platform diver will learn?

a straight jump then a tuck then a pike then the entry part of the dive this is called a forwards line up then a forwards push dive then a forwards tuck dive then a farwards pike dive then a fawrads straight dive

Are Dolphins able to support themselves?

only if they are forced to. dolphins live in big group for a reason. when they are hunting a school of fish, for example, some of the dolphins gather the fish into a small area while the other dolphins dive through the school and grab some fish. every so often they switch places

How do dolphins aid the gannets in catching sardines?

A pod of dolphins will herd the fish shoal into a tight, swirling ball near to the surface. This brings the fish shallow enough for the gannets to dive amongst the fish.

How do you do the worm on Call of Duty black ops?

first you dive then you crouch then dive again and repeat

What are names of coral reefs?

the great barrier reef the phuket sky dive

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