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Some Natural Resources of Pennsylvania are : lumber (wood) , water, fish, and other animals.

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What were the natural resources Colonial Pennsylvania had?

Dogs and cats are the types of resources found here in colonial Pennsylvania

What natural resources did colonial Pennsylvania have?

Colonial Pennsylvania (PA) was rich in natural resources. Riverine systems such as the Delaware and Susquehanna provided for fisheries while the extensive forestation allowed for logging and furs. Western PA also remains rich in coal veins as another natural resource continuously exploited since colonial times.

What are the natural resources of Pennsylvania?

The natural resources of Pennsylvania are: coal, milk, mushrooms, lumber, and natural gas...

WhAT is the most important natural resources in Pennsylvania?

pennsylvania resources

What natural resources did people use in Colonial America?

In colonial America natural resources included:wo

What are natural resources in Pennsylvania?

Some natural resources of Pennsylvania are : lumber (wood) , water, fish, and other animals.

What were natural resources in colonial Delaware?

Coal and iron ore were important natural resources used in colonial Delaware. Furs, wood and farming land were other resources.

What natural resources did Colonial Georgia have?


What natural resources did colonial Massachusetts have?

Colonial Massachusetts had many natural resources. Some of those resources include plenty of seafood, trees which provided wood for building, cranberries, and a variety of wildlife.

What natural resources were used by a colonial gunsmith?


What are Pennsylvania's Natural Resources?

Pennsylvania has coal and iron.

What are the natural water resources in Pennsylvania?

lake errie

What were the Natural resources of colonial Cenneticut?

lol school projects

What are natural resources of Pennsylvania?

Coal, lumber, wood and many more For more answers goggle Pennsylvania's natural resources

What are the Pennsylvania natural resources?

earth air water land

What were some natural resources of Pennsylvania?

National and State forests.

What are the major natural resources of Pennsylvania?

coal,milk,mushrooms,lumber,and natural gas

What natural resources did colonial Maryland grow capture and export?


What are some natural resources of colonial Georgia?

One thing was indago

What were Delaware's natural resources in colonial times?

food water and shelter

What natural resources did colonial hatters need?

birds aniamals wood

What are the natural resources and their location in Pennsylvania?

wheat corn hemp flax

What kind of natural resources does Pennsylvania have?


What are colonial New Jersey's natural resources?

Water, trees and other stuff

Natural resources of colonial Maryland?

there was tobacco but i don't know if there are any more