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They had slaves fighting for them, and they knew the area very well, and also they had the most people. The south had the most up to date equipment and the best military leaders. The north did NOT have good leaders such as McClellan.

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Who was the norths general during the civil war?

the norths main general was Ulysses S. Grant

What was norths goals during the civil war?

to free all slaves from slavry in the south

What war the norths greatest recource during the civil war?

Much bigger population and much bigger manufacturing capacity.

What was the economy like for the north during the civil war?

The Norths economy during the civil war and in general during this time period was industry and trade, the Souths was agriculture The Northern economy wasn't as badly hurt by the war as the economy of the South. (APEX)

What was the norths stratagy during the civil war?

One of the things the North wanted to do was to capture the Mississippi River, dividing the south in half.

Who had more advantages to assist during the civil war?

The north had more advantages, the south had more allies.

What were advantages that the south had during the US Civil War?

pizza. It help them get fat and lose the war

What were the South's advantages during the Civil War?

They had a much better trained army.

What industrial advantages did the South have over the North in the US Civil War?

During the US Civil War, the South did not have any industrial advantages over the North. The fact is that the North had an immense amount of industrial advantages.

Did the south had all the economic advantages during the civil war?

Most advantages, economic and otherwise, favored the North

What was norths main goal in fighting the civil war?

To reunite the states and get the cotton revenues back.

What was the norths economy before the civil war?

The North's economy before the Civil War was very different from the South, which came as an advantage during the Civil War. The North was less agricultural and progressing industrially, whilst the South was still high on agriculture. The North was much more populous and advanced...

Which side had more advantages during the civil war?

Probably the South had more advantages at the beginning of the Civil War. Perhaps if the South had followed the plan advocated by General Albert Sidney Johnson, the South would have won the Civil War. Such was not to be the case. The war turned into a war of attrition. The North had far greater advantages for winning that type of a war.

What was the Norths Ironclad during the civil war?

The first ironclad of the North was the USS Monitor. Afterwards it built many ironclad ships, many based on the design of the Monitor.

During the civil war... What were the north's definition of liberty?

The Norths Definition of Liberty was that all white men and women were free. Until after the war they passed the 14th which said everyman had equal rights

What advantages did the Civil War have?

the Civil War had an advantage of a free nation

What was the norths reason to right in the civil war?

The north wants to end slavery The north wants to end slavery

How did the first major battle of the civil war change the norths ezpectations about the war?

Before Bull Run, most assumed that the war would be short and easy.

What were the advantages and disadvantages of the south during the civil war?

The advantages of the South was they used strategies that the North didn't use and they knew the weaknesses of the North.

What were north advantages in the Civil War?

The North had many advantages in the Civil War. They had more soldiers and more weapons. They were equipped to win the war with ease.

What was the norths strategies for winning the civil war?

Control the Mississippi, capture Richmond, and split the South in half. -Rock Lee

What was the Norths plan of attack for winning the US Civil War?

They wanted to capture Richmond, and cut off the South's supplies.

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