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Chocolate the Moose

Cubbie the Bear

Flash the Dolphin

Legs the Frog

Patti the Platypus

Pinchers the Lobster

Splash the Orca Whale

Spot the Dog

Squealer the Pig

These Beanie Babies are worth a lot of money!

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The first beanie baby was released in 1993 in NYC. I hope this helped!!

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I think it was patty or brownie (aka cubbie)

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Q: What were the original 9 beanie babies?
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How much is the original Beanie Babies worth?

Type your answer here... $100.00

Do McDonald's Beanie Babies have the same worth as regular Beanie Babies?

No they are not. They are made by the same company, yes.. but they are different. The McDonalds versions of the toys are exclusives. only McD's can sell them commercially. They also include Variants of regular Beanie Babies.

Who first invented the beanie babies?

Ty beanie is the creator of the beannie babies

What company made beanie babies?

Ty is the company that makes Beanie Babies.

How did the Beanie Babies get their logo?

Some guy designed it when the beanie babies first came out.

How do you get your beanie baby bigger in beanie babies?

you have them mate

Is Jake the beanie baby valuable?

Beanie babies are usually worth about $4.50 Leahsharp00 xxx

Do beanie babies have collecter boxes?

Yes Beanie Babies do have Collecter Boxes. No they have collector tags!

What are beanie babies filled with?

Beanie Babies are filled with "plastic pellets" rather than stuffing.

Can you have a Beanie Babies code?

Buy your own beanie babies. It will have a code inside the heart tag.

Who invented the beanie?

Ty beanie is the creator of the beannie babies

Passwords of beanie babies?

beanie babies have many different passwords so you have to buy one to get your password