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To establish and maintain a non-communist free country.

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Q: What were the political objectives of Vietnam?
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Did war prove to be a successful means of achieving political objectives for the US and North Vietnamese in the Vietnam War?

It did for over 20 years.

Did war prove to be a successful means of achieving US political objectives in Vietnam?

That objective was held off (delayed) until the communists finally won the war on 30 April '75; consequently, the US political and military objectives failed on that date.

What are the objectives of NAM?

The objectives of going to war in Vietnam were to defeat the Communist Vietcong army and prevent the spread of Communism to Vietnam.

What was a major political consequence of the Vietnam war?

What was a major political consequence of the Vietnam war

Wars are going on why?

Obtaining political objectives by other than political means.

What are the aims and objectives of political parties in UK?

What are the aim and odjective of political parties

Who as been Vietnam primary and political enemy of Vietnam for thousands of years?

The Chinese .

How does sergeant querrys death contribute to the Americans objectives in the Vietnam war?

Sergeant Querry's death contributed to the Americans objectives in the Vietnam war since boots for the troops was exported to the U.S., as well as nickel, copper, lead

How many political parties are there in Vietnam?


What were the reasons why America failed in its objectives in Vietnam?

Use nukes to win or invade or leave.

Did Vietnam defeated US in the Vietnam War?

For me Vietnam defeated US in the Vietnam War. Because North Vietnam conquered Southern Vietnam. And Southern Vietnam is a democratic country and an ally of US. The US Military was restricted by the political situation and was not able to wage war in an effective manner. Because of political pressure, the necessary military resources could not be deployed.

Political and social outcomes of the vietnam war?

Communist N. Vietnam won the war. So whatever political & social aspects are contained in "communism" that was the outcome.

Who was the current political leader of Vietnam and what was hos position?

The president of Vietnam is Nguyen Minh TRIET.

Name one of the current political controversies in Vietnam?

Agent Orange or Vietnam War imposters.

How did the Geneva Accords affect the political status of Vietnam?

Vietnam was divided into two separate nations

What were the NAACP's objectives?

The NAACP's objectives were to eliminate racial prejudice and to ensure social, economic, and political equality for minority group citizens.

What were the US political objectives in World War 1?

to gain popularity

What is political slant?

Any statement intentionally constructed to support the political objectives of the speaker regardless of the relevant facts.

Types of political parties?

Political parties usually have their basis in shared political ideologies and objectives. In the United States the two major political parties are the Republican and Democrat parties.

What is a political plank?

any one of the multiple stated principles or objectives comprising the political platform of a party campaigning for election.

Explain the political and social outcome of the end of the Vietnam war?

North Vietnam conquered South Vietnam; the Republic of South Vietnam disappeared. and the united country of just one Vietnam was created as a communist nation.

Why were the troops pulled out of Vietnam?

The American Military pulled the troops out of Vietnam because of political pressure on the home front.

What is the current political system in Vietnam?

Vietnam is still a communist dictatorship -- one of the few left in the world, actually.

What were strategic objectives of US Military Assistance Command in Vietnam War?

Attrition of the enemy, with body counts.

What were the political parties during the Vietnam War?

Democrats and Republicans.