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What were the politics in New York during the 1700s?


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british appointed governor and counicil alternating with elected assembily

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The role of women in New York in the 1700s was as wives and mothers. They did not have occupations outside the home, and were granted very few rights in society.

Fur Trappers, Lumer shipping, and Slave trading were popular jobs back in the 1600-1700s. - Baylee S.

Crops grown in New York in the 1700s were corn, oat, wheat, carrots, and beans. Other foods grown were barley, pumpkin, and hops.

in the 1700s they were ruled by the monarchy it was later than called NEw Amsterdam.

New York: Eastern 31 New York: Central 11 New Jersey: 16 Pennsylvania: 44 Pennsylvania: Central 13 Pennsylvania: Southwest 7 Delaware: 19

New York has some mountains, some plains, some coastline, and some rivers.

The Duke of York is the person who bought Long Island and others in 1663.

new England was were people from England settled in during the 1700s.

Moravin College. Which was in the early 1700s.

Business in the 1700s in New York was somewhat similar to today. There were a variety of restaurants and hotels in the city with many street vendors and the beginning of a large textile industry.

The jobs in New England during the 1700s were being factory workers, owning mills, and clipper-ship builders.

They produced wheat and other grains in Pennsylvania and New York.

Life in New York in the 1700s would have been difficult. In the city, disease would have been prevalent. Along with no running water, sewage ran freely in the street and there was little if any law.

waking up at 6:00 for chores like milking cows and collecting eggs

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They moved to New York because the people wanted fredom and liberty.They moved to New York because the people wanted fredom and liberty.

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1.How much free land did New York have in the 1700's? 2.What was the purpose of the colony of New York in the 1700's? 3.What was the relationship between the Native Americans and the New York colony in the 1700's? Who were the representative governments in new York ?

the answer is they always were good for growing crops very good soil

There is no founder. Founders yes. The dutch first settled New York in the 1700s in a series of forts. Forts used to establish trade with the local natives.

New York state and city have always seemed to attract famous people even in the 1700s. Some of the famous people from there in the 1700s included William Alexander and William Blackhorse Astor Sr.

Most of the population of New Jersey were employed as farmers during the 1700's.

It has a natural port and is on the east coast. People always go to where others are located and where they find the most services.

new york was doing lumber, timber, flour milling, and mining as there economic major industries. The puritans had ended their rule.

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