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Breaking the German Inigma Code had to be one of the top intelligence victories of all time. It was the communication code that the Germans used to communicate, and U.S. and British intelligence communities were able to break the code so that the Allies could know what the Germans were saying. Another intelligence victory was the planting of information regarding the actual location and time of the invasion that ended up being D-Day. Dis-information was sent to the Germans in the form of a deceased courier with elaborate plans for an invasion that was far away from Normandy France. Germans sent most of their military forces to that location in an effort to defeat the Allies during the invasion. A third major intelligence victory of WW2 was the "code-talkers". Navajo Indians spoke a language that NOBODY in the rest of the world understood. Their job was to continuously talk on the radio, mostly conversational stuff, then when there was real information to be sent the code talkers would slip that in. The Axis powers went nuts trying to decode a language which to them may as well have been from Mars. The Navajo Code Talkers were definitely heroes.

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What were the United States' military victories in world war 2?

Some of the victories in world war 2 are victorious/ Some of the victories in world war 2 are victorious/

What were great Britain's victories in World War 2?

The whole war

What intelligence agencies were in the US before World War 2?

war and navy departments had intelligence sections

Who won the brilliant victories in World War 1?

The Allied Powers

How many victories did Patton win in World War 2?


How many victories did the US have in World War 2?

Zero, because nobody wins in a war

Victories and defeats in World War 1?

6 wins 8 losses

What was the Italian Intelligence branch in World War 2?

The SIM- military intelligence the OVRA was the Italian Gestapo

What art movement was not prominent in the three decade prior to world war 1?

The following art movements were not prominent prior to World War 1: Surrealism Cubism Impressionism Abstract Post-impressionism

What was the Italian SIM in World War 2?

Military intelligence

What was the Milorg in World War 2?

The Danish military intelligence.

What battles were turning points or key victories in World War 1?

having sex

Who had victory in World War 2?

All sides had victories and defeats throughout World War 2 but the Allies had the final victory in August 1945

What were the major US victories in Europe during World War 2?

The most major of victories included the Battle of Britain, D-Day, and Battle of the Bulge.

What are lightning victories?

Lightening victories are those that occur very quickly and with a minimum of resistance. The Germans first used it in World War 2. They called it the 'Blitzkreig.'

Which country scored more air victories in world war 1?

World War I was the first time that aircraft were used on a large scale. Manfred von Richthofen of Germany, also known as the Red Barron, had 80 confirmed air victories.

What was the Gestaop's role during World War 2?

Internal intelligence.

What did William Molesworth do in World War 1?

Major William Earle Molesworth was a British World War I flying ace credited with 18 aerial victories.

Who is the greatest World War 1 fighter pilot?

Manfred von Richtoven is credited as the Ace of Aces for the First World War, with 80 confirmed victories. René Fonck was the highest ranking Allied pilot, with 75 victories confirmed out of a claim of 146 victories, and many experts believe he did, in fact, outperform von Richtoven.

Who was the German leading ace of world war 2?

Major Erich Hartmann was German's leading ace in World War II. He reportedly scored 352 victories.

US major victories in the Pacific in World War 2?

Gudalcanal, Midway, Iwo Jima, Okinawa,

Who was the head of the Vichy government in France during World War 2?

Marshal Philippe Petain, a prominent War I general

What were the major allied victories of World War 2?

Battle of the Bulge and the Battle of Philippine Sea were the two most critical battles and turning points in World War 2.

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yser yser

What are the major victories to the union during the civil war?

Gettysburg, Vicksburg, and Petersburg were all major Union victories in the American Civil War.