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What were the ration books for during World War 2?


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There wasnt much food because supply boats were being destroyed by the luftwaffe so the food we had was rationed or it would have run out.


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The European countries involved in World War 1 introduced food rationing. Obviously, this involved issuing ration-books.

Ration books were handed out during the World War 2, to help ration food, fuels & other important products.

called ration books or ration coupons.

In the UK, Ration Books wee issued by the Ministry of Food.

No, soldiers on active duty did not require ration books, the service provided for their needs.

During the first world war, the food ministry was created in Britain to ration food products. During the second world war, the food ration for one week was, eggs, fats, cheese, and bacon.

There were many colours based on country, occupation, month year and so on.

the British and US governments both issued ration books during WWII. they did this in Britain because Britain largely imported much of the "the necessities"(including but not limited to: sugar, tea, oil, wood, and produce). After WWII began, the Germans diseverly cut the amount of supplies reaching Britain by attacking the ships that carried them. In order to make sure that there was enough to go around, the British Government issued ration books(for more in fo about ration books in Britain, see what were ration books) in the US, ration books were issued so that the government could provide enough supplies to its soldiers. It was all to support the war effort.

Ration books were issued by the US government to allow everyone to have the same chance to get goods as everyone else. There is no exact number on how many ration books were issued but over 8000 ration offices were opened to control the rationing.

Rationing. People had to get ration books for supplies to prevent hoarding.

the shopkeepers in world war 2 had to stamp the ration books to make sure that the person collecting the rations could not collect more.

Perhaps you are referring to War Stamps. These could be purchased for a few cents each and when a book was filled, exchanged for a War Bond.

Britain, the US, Canada, Scotland, Wales, eventually Germany, New Zealand and Australia I know used them. I don't know if Japan went to a rationing system using ration books as the other nations had done.

Yes. All countries involved in WW2 (and all occupied territories) had rationing and ration books. The only alternative to rationing by coupons would have been rationing by price. In most cases, this would have sent the prices of essentials sky high.

Because there wasnt enough food for the soldiers and the civilians

Not much. The reason for this is that even though they're old, they're extremely common. Everyone had them during the war.

During World War 2 ration cards were used due to the shortage of food. Food was therefore rationed and could not be obtained without the ration card thus ensuring everyone had their correct allowance (Ration).

Green ration books - Pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 5. They had first choice of fruit, a daily pint of milk and a double supply of eggs.

During world war 2 some items such as gasoline and food etc. were so scarce that the US government had to ration them.

Extra products that might be added to the ration listing. This provided some flexibility to add or remove certain items. Such as shoes, or tires.

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