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To prevent Communist North Vietnam from taking over the (non-communist) Republic of South Vietnam.


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To stop north Vietnam from spreding communism in entering south Vietnam To stop north Vietnam from spreding communism in entering south Vietnam

When communist infiltrators began entering South Vietnam in 1955.

Vietnam was the second hot battle of the cold war (Communism VS the free world). Korea was the first.

Unless the US INVADED North Vietnam or deployed NUCLEAR weapons, the war was unwinnable.

The people of Vietnam fought the French for 10 years; 1946-1954.

money religion reasons land and for peace

Stop communist aggression

so they can help out britain and not get taken over

History indicates the administrations of President's Eisenhower and Kennedy.

Communist Northern aggression; they won.

Couldn't stop the flow of men and material without widening the war; couldn't invade North Vietnam without risking the Soviets/Red Chinese entering the war.

Combat experience; Desert Storm (January-February 1991).

Germany declared war on Poland. Poland didn't have a choice.

imperialism. militarism, and the alliance system.

One of the main reasons was to separate the Vietnam War from the French War or French Vietnam War (which is often referred to as the French Indochina War; and lately, the 1st Indochina War). To makes things simple: The French Indochina War and the US (American) Vietnam War, might be the easiest way to remember it.

The war was between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The US was fighting with the Republic of South Vietnam to prevent an invasion by the Communist North Vietnam.

During the "COLD WAR"; the Vietnam War was immoral to most people...who believed that war was "immoral" to begin with. Example: During WWII, which was a "clear case" of self defense (the Pearl Harbor Attack), people in the US still protested US involvement in that war. The "...reasons about the Vietnam War", would be the same; war is immoral, for those that choose to believe it. For many people there is NO JUSTIFICATION for war.

Part of the cold war; communist aggression. Without those two reasons, the US would not have been involved.

They beleived it was a civil war, and America didnt belong their.

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