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a weakness of the Articles of Confederation


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Norwegian National Courts Administration was created in 2002.

KING henrry 2nd was responsible for establishing local courts to hear legal cases in England during the twelfth century

is it false that state and national governments establish courts

The lower Federal courts were established by the legislative branch which is Congress. The courts themselves are under the judicial branch.

The legislative branch of the federal government is responsible for establishing lower federal courts. This branch may also remove a judge through the process of impeachment.

Congress is responsible for establishing lower courts as they are needed. This is a power designed to this the legislative branch of government in the U.S. Constitution.

He was responsible for establishing for establishing the National Park system.

Authority for establishing lower courts is vested in the Legislative Branch (Congress) under Articles I and III of the US Constitution.

Concurrent powers are those that are exercised simultaneously by the national and state governments. Some examples of concurrent powers are:taxationbuilding roadsestablishing bankruptcy lawscreating lower courts

The six reasons for establishing a new government were ; getting organized, Madison's Plan, sharing power with the states,compromise about congress , the executive and judicial branches, & the signing .

establishing maryland. there were more than two reasons though.

so the people would have a place to live

to get more goods such as crops,silver,and gold

Based on the level of play, courts are different sizes. College courts are bigger than high school and NBA courts are even bigger.

A establishing national health insurance

which part of the national government has the expressed power to creating the organization of federal courts/

No, however the courts can add his name after establishing paternity and child support.

The main reasons were the big authorities and strong influences that the church exercised on the state rulers and their citizens.

South African sports can assist in establishing a national identity. Soccer and other sports give the community something to love and support together.

The National Grange is an organized U.S. fraternity. It specializes in establishing economic and political involvement in agriculture and community.

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