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They killed millions of people in the name of politics and genocide during WWII.

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Q: What were the reasons for the hatred of Germany?
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What are some reasons genocide occurs?

A reason is lots of hatred

Where was the hatred of Jews especially Strong in world war 2?


What reasons does Iago gives his hatred for Othello?

Othello promoted Cassio as his lieutenant instead of Iago.

Why were Muslims and Jews persecuted?

All people are persecuted for the same reasons: ignorance, hatred, and fear.

How did Adolf Hitler take over Germany?

With hatred and an army of people with really big guns

What does the word Semitism mean in Germany?

"Semitism" does not mean anything. Anti-Semitism is Jew-hatred.

Essay on love is hopeful and hatred is hopeless?

There are many reasons why you should write an essay on why love is hopeful and hatred is hopeless. You could teach the world to think more positively for example.

Love has hope hatred is hopeless essay?

There are many people who believe that love has hope and that hatred is hopeless. There are many reasons why you should write an essay on this and expand upon your own thoughts on the matter.

How did the treaty Versailles affect postwar Germany?

it left a legacy of bitterness and hatred in the hearts of the german people

What did the term prejudice against Jews mean?

In Nazi Germany it meant persecution, hatred, deportation and death.

What three reasons that the triple entente feared Germany?

because germany was a percieved threat

What is three reasons why Jews were enemies of Germany?

This is a strange question. The Jews were not 'enemies of Germany'.

Why do people kill eachother?

Self defence, hatred, jealousy, revenge, amusement are all reasons and there are probably many more.

Why did the Nazis start the Holocaust?

The reasons for moving from hatred and discrimination to genocide (mass murder) are unclear. See the related question.

Why do people immigrate to Germany?

People immigrate to Germany for various reasons. Some of these reasons include family, occupations, school or college, or simply a change of scenery.

What is the rise of fascism in Germany between world war1 and world war 2 often associated with?

Hatred and anti Semitism

Who was the leader of Nazi Germany during World War 2 and whose hatred for the Jew lead to the Holocaust?

adolf Hitler

How do you spell hatred?


What were reasons that Germany had more success industrializing than France?

Germany had a larger population or Germany had access to more industrial resources.

What is Jew-hatred?

It is the hatred of Jews. The usual word for it is anti-Semitism.

What mistakes were made by the Treaty of Versailles?

When it was signed it scolded Germany and put sole resbonsibility and retribution to them germany in resonse lost territory and the germans laft a legacy of bitterness hatred in the hearts of people

Economic reasons Germany entered World War 1?

This is the first time I've read or heard the suggestion that Germany went to war for economic reasons. The usual reasons given are political, even if there were some economic tensions in the background.

What are long term reasons Germany joined the war?

because they have to do it

What were reasons why Germany entered world war 2?

they started it

What word is used for people who doesnt like jewish?

Antisemitism is prejudice, hatred of, or discrimination against Jews for reasons connected to their Jewish heritage