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The delegates at the Constitutional Convention were responsible for drafting the US Constitution. There were 55 delegates but only 39 signed the Constitution.

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Which organization delegates Air Force executive agent responsibilities to MAJCOMs for preventing and resisting hijackings?

Executive Order 9397 is what delegates Air Force responsibilities to prevent hijackings. This was put into effect on December 15, 2005.

How many delegates are there in the Virginia house of delegates?

100 delegates

Responsibilities of a general manager?

A General Manager is responsible for all areas of the organization. This manager oversees, plans, and delegates the tasks at a higher level than a regular manager.

What is a kitchen brigade?

Technically a kitchen brigade is a system that gives rank inside the kitchen. In terms of war, the brigade delegates responsibilities to individuals who specialize in specific tasks.

Is the word delegates a noun?

The word delegates is a noun and a verb. Example: President Obama delegates with his delegates.

What is the difference between functions roles and responsibilities?

The difference between function, roles, and responsibilities in an organization are different. For example your role defines the parameters of your position in a company, your responsibilities to that role can vary depending on your position in the company. For example a supervisor, supervises other employees and delegates job duties. By doing so, the supervisor is performing the functions of his employment.

How many super delegates does Wisconsin have?

74 delegates plus 18 super delegates democratic. 40 delegates republican

How many delegates are in the Maryland government's House of Delegates?

There are 141 Maryland Delegates.

Where did the American delegates go to school?

What American delegates? American delegates to what? Michael Montagne

How many members are in the Virginia House of Delegates?

There are 100 delegates in the Virginia House of Delegates.

How many delegates in Pennsylvania?

158 delegates

What did they call the delegates at the convention?

They called them delegates.

How many democratic delegates does Oregon have?

The answer is 65. They have 52 regular delegates and 13 super delegates.

How did the Second Continental Congress serve as the first national government?

The Second Continental Congress adopted the responsibilities of a national government. It managed the war efforts, established and army, and handled election of the delegates.

How were the delegates to the Constitution Convention chosen?

by the number of delegates for each state by the number of delegates for each state

How many delegates does Texas have?

Texas has 228 delegates.

How many delegates does Alaska have?

Alaska has 27 delegates

How many NATO delegates are there?

There are 538 NATO delegates

Who votes for the delegates?

Delegates are the ones that vote for the president.

How many Republican delegates does Florida have?

Florida will send 50 delegates to the Republican National Convention. In total, they have 99 delegates- 91 electoral delegates, 3 party leaders and 5 bonus delegates, but due to a penalty of some sort, only 50 delegates will be allowed to attend the convention.

Were any of the convention delegates federalists?

no, there were not any delegates that were federalists

How many Hawaiian democrat delegates?

They had 29 delegates in 2008.

How many delegates in Wyoming?

There is a total of 18 delegates in Wyoming.

How are the number of delegates determined for each state?

50 delegates

Why did the delegates have to compromise on slavery?

the southern delegates would not have signed.

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