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What were the social costs of industrialization in the US?

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numerous job-related injuries and deaths.

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Did the benefits of industrialization outweigh the costs?

The cost's of industrialization can be minimized by industrialization.

What are Social changes brought about by industrialization?


What did industrialization and the fatory system have on the US?

What did industrialization and the factory system have on the u.s

How did industrialization affect the relationship of the US and the world?

Industrialization affected the relationship of the US and the world by changing the consumer market.

Did Social Darwinism discourage industrialization?

No. The theory only came into being after industrialization and has never adocated a policy of "back to nature".

What social class expanded as a result of Industrialization?

The middle class

What social classes expanded as a result of industrialization?

The middle class did (:

How was progressivism a reaction to industrialization?

Industrialization resulted in a revolution in the way products were made and the kinds of jobs in which people worked. Unfortunately, it also resulted in a lot of illness, poverty, and unfortunate social problems. Progressives sought to address the social issues caused by industrialization.

Industrialization brings with it a rise in the social standing of old people?


How did Charles Dickens writings serve as a form of social criticism?

The highlighted the social problems created by industrialization.... For apex

What has the author Edith Broszinsky-Schwabe written?

Edith Broszinsky-Schwabe has written: 'Zwischen Magie und moderner Technik' -- subject(s): Cultural policy, Economic development, Industrialization, Social aspects, Social aspects of Economic development, Social aspects of Industrialization, Social conditions

What region of the US first underwent significant industrialization?

The region of California, in the U.S.A, was where industrialization was first concentrated.

Was industrialization a blessing or a curse?

find it in your social science books u idiots

How did social Darwinism justify industrialization?

All things evolved from earlier forms

What are factors affecting economic and non economic industrialization?

A wide variety of factors affect economic and non economic industrialization. The culture of the people, the social climate, and the political motives of the nation all affect industrialization.

10 causes of social instability?

There are many causes of social instability. Some examples of the causes of social instability are; international tension, industrialization and population growth.

What was the social question?

An expression common in the 1830s that reflected a widely shared concern about the effects of industrialization and urbanization on the fabric of social life.

Which has been a major change resulting from the industrialization of Western Europe?

increased social mobility

What has the author George Timmons written?

George Timmons has written: 'Education, industrialization, and selection' -- subject(s): Comparative education, Education, Effect of education on, Industrialization, Labor supply, Secondary Education, Social aspects, Social aspects of Education

What problems did industrialization cause?

Industrialization caused pollution, crowding of cities, long work hours, and unsafe working conditions, political corruptions, social injustices, and monopolies

How did life change after industrialization?

After industrialization, there was a social and economic change due to technological innovation and large scale production, which helped reduce the gap between the poor and the rich.

What led to the rapid industrialization of the us?

what led to the rapid industrialization of the U.S. was because of the railroad and the rise in industry. New ideas

How was the industrialization most different in Japan and the US?

Unlike in the United States, industrialization came to Japan as a result of foreign aggression.

Trace the social and economic changes that took place in Japan as a result of industrialization?

Japan achieved sustained growth in per capita income through industrialization. The social capacity for importing and adapting foreign technology improved, and this contributed to a productivity growth.

What changes in social organization did industrialization cause?

Social Organization changed gender roles, where people lived (move into cities), and income levels.

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