What were the social political and economic condition helped to start world war 2?

Our entrance into ww2 was a result of ( partly) the great depression and war ias a profitable enterprise. However, being the good politician that he is, FDR realized that isolationist America would never start a war that we didn't have cause to enter. Remember that even though the reports of Hitlers doings reached America, they weren't taken as anything more than tall tales told by fearful refugees. They thought of Hitler's juggernaut as invincible only because nobody had beaten it. So they waited for the cataclysmic event that would allow us to enter the second world war: Pearl Harbor.

THIS SUCKS!!!! Aside from the fact that this answer is incorrect, it doesn't even make any sense. One would need to read a book to fully get the answer to this question. There are a multitude of social and political factors which involve numerous countries. Two major catalysts were Adolph Hitler's desire to avenge the defeat of Germany in WWI establishing a new Arian ruled empire, and Japan's attack on China to acquire badly needed resources. The attack on Pearl Harbor did not start WWII. It was the event that brought America into the battle. In the Atlantic, Hitler was waiting for an excuse to begin sinking American supply ships en route to Great Britain. Since Japan was one of Hitler's allies at the time; he wasted no time in declaring war on the U.S. so he could start sinking U.S. ships.