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What were the southern colonies?

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Maryland,Virginia,Georgia,North Carolina, and South Carolina

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What entertainment did they have in the southern colonies?

What did the Southern Colonies do for entertainment?

Who settled the southern colonies?

Who settled in the southern colonies?

How many colonies were in the southern colonies?

7 colonies of the 13 colonies were southern

How did southern colonies cook?

how did people in the southern colonies cook

What Colonies grew cashcrop?

the southern coloniesthe southern colonies

Who sattle in the southern colonies?

The English settled in the Southern Colonies.

Which colonies made up the southern colony?

which 13 colonies made up the southern colonies

What were the religious beliefs if the southern colonies?

The Southern Colonies were heavily Christian.

What do the Southern colonies do?

the southern colonies did were farm and made little buniess.

Slave trade in southern colonies?

There was slave trade in southern colonies.

How did the southern colonies get started?

The southern colonies were an ideal place for agriculture.

Who went to school in the southern colonies?

who went to school in the southern colonies

What is a slogan for the southern colonies? actually working on that. i so far have:· Southern Colonies' Superb Surprise· Seasonal Southern Colonies' Satisfaction· Southern Colonies Secures Satisfactioni hope this is good enough...

Did they have slaves in the southern colonies?

they did have slaves in the southern colonies. 20 percent of the population in the thirteen colonies is slaves.

Why did the southern colonies need slaves more than the northern colonies?

southern colonies had more farms

What was the reasons why the Southern colonies were founded?

The southern colonies were founded because it was discovered that these colonies were rich in natural resources. People thought that the southern colonies would make them rich.

Did the puritans live in the southern colonies?

Yes. Puritans lived in the southern colonies as well as the middle colonies and new england colonies.

How did they cure illnesses in the southern colonies?

the southern colonies used food and herbs.

How did the southern colonies feel about slavery?

The southern colonies believed that slavery was okay.

What jobs did the southern colonies have?

the jobs the southern colonies had was most likely to be farmers.

How was Maryland similar from other southern colonies?

It's part of the southern colonies

Why are indentured servants and slaves in the southern colonies?

because the southern colonies had plantations

What were the social customs of the southern colonies?

what customs did the poeple in the southern colonies bring with them

Who settled in southern colonies?

The southern colonies included North Carolina, South Carolina, and Maryland. The people who settled in the southern colonies were British nobleman.

How was the economy in the Southern Colonies?

The southern American colonies had an economy based on agriculture. The climate and soil of the southern colonies were ideal for growing cotton and tobacco.