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Q: What were the teachers of speaking?
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Should teachers be allowed to force students into public speaking?


What is sentence sense?

the teachers were speaking irish so it didnot make sense to me

Is there any theory related to teachers?

Not really if you are speaking in scientific terms. But my theory about teachers is that if you don't get this report done soon enough, you will be in a lot of trouble with them, theoretically!

How do Spanish speaking people address their teachers?

if the teacher is male: "profesor" or "maestro" and if the teacher is female: "profesora" or "maestra"

What is a present tense sentence for speak?

The teachers speak too loud.The doctor speaks softlyThe staff are speaking to the manager.

How do you get rid of school teachers?

Parents who have issues with a teacher should make their concerns known by speaking with the school principle and or school board.

How do you say happy teachers day in England?

You say it in English, just as you would do in the US or any other English speaking country.

Is it illegal for teachers to discuss grades with your family?

If you are under the age of 18, then no, it is not against the law for a teacher to discuss your grades with your parents. However, if you are over 18 there are laws that prohibit teachers/professors from speaking with parents about your grades, even if they are paying for your education.

What the most important thing t know before taking ballet?

i think it is to respect the teacher. Dance teachers, especially ballet teachers, so not tolerate talking back, speaking disrespectfully to them, or sometimes even talking in general. Also, do your best work ALL THE TIME. Even though you think the teachers aren't watching you, they are.

What type of language should students use when speaking to teachers in class?

If it is in a foreign language class, then that language. If it is a not, than the student should speak appropriate English. There should not be use of conjunctions, proper use of can and may. Politeness should be present in their speaking.

How do you say how are you in spanish and french?

Spanish: ¿COMÓ ESTÁS? French: Çava? (improper version, you would say this when speaking to your friends, siblings...etc) Comment vas-tu (improper) Comment allez-vous? (formal, use when speaking to parents, teachers, professors...etc)

What do you call a person who speaks in different ways in one and the same language?

Everyone does this. There is no word for it, other than the normal use of language.Registers are manners of speaking that are appropriate for the situation (talking to babies, talking to teachers, talking to employees, etc.)Everyone uses multiple registers when speaking.