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What were the three POW camps located in Kentucky during World War 2?

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There were more than three, but the largest ones were: Fort Knox, Fort Campbell and Camp Breckinridge.

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Did Italy have Concentration Camps during World War 2?

Where was Vinci located In Italy

Where were the internment camps located in the US during World War 2?

Topaz, UT

What camps were the gas chambers located in during the holocaust what were the names of the camps?

concentration camps.

How many relocation camps were there during world war two?

How many Japanese internment camps were there during World War II?

Where were many extermination camps located during World War 2?

Most extremination camps were placed in Poland as it was a homeland for many Jews in Europe. Ex. Auschwitz-Birkenau.

When did these camps exist?

The Nazis made these camps during world war 2

What were the camps that the Jews went during World War 2?

Concentration camps

What states had concentration camps during world war 2?

No states in America had concentration camps; they were all located in Europe. The states did have camps for people who were German or Japs to live because people were afraid, but they were not treated poorly.

How many internment camps were located in the US during WW2?

Although there is a general reference to 10 Japanese internet comps in the US during the second world war. The data on German and Italian camps is harder to find. There was also a camp for Alaskan natives.

What are all the different concentration camps used during World War 2?

Concentration Camps Transit Camps Labour Camps Death Camps Extermination Camps.

Where were concentration camps located during world war 2?

Holand, France, Germany, Poland, Lithiania, Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Austria

What were the camps that held Japanese Americans during World War 2 called?

Internment camps

Where were the relocation camps for the Japanese in the US during World War 2?

US Internment Camps during WW IIThe related link site will have a map of all the Japanese-American Internment camps in the United States during World War II.

What were the major camps during the Holocaust?

Most were located in Poland. The three most well known camps are Auschwitz, Buchenwald, and Warsaw.

Where were the most famous World War 2 concentration camps?

Where could the most famous WW2 concentration camps we located?

How many major concentration camps during World War 2?

Their was only about 20 Major concentration camps.

What were the names given to the camps that imprisoned Japanese-Americans during world war 2?

Internment camps

What did Texas supply during World War 2?

Aside from oil they provided POW camps and retaining camps

Did Canada have internment camps during World War 2?


What were the refugee camps during World War 2?

it waz neato

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When was concentration camps created?

during World War 2 in Germany

Where were soldiers captured during World War 2?

in prison camps