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the two sides during the US Civil War were the union (North) and the confederacy (south)

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Q: What were the two opposing sides during the US Civil Wars?
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What were the 2 sides in the US Civil Wars?

The Union and the Confederacy.

What were the civil wars in England called?

The English Civil Wars or The Great Rebellion were between supporters of Charles I and II and opposing groups in each of his three kingdoms. They are also referred to as the War of the Three Kingdoms.

Was there any wars in Colorado?

No, there were no wars in Colorado during the Civil War

Can the UN stop wars?

Yes. If they intervine in time and make the opposing sides agree to some sort of peace or treaty.

What led to the beginning of the Punic Wars who fought it them?

Expanding Rome and Carthage took opposing sides over control of Sicily.

What were the Civil War wars during 1862-1868?

sorry the civil war was during 1861- 1865

Which country has chose not to take sides during wars?


Did the Battle of Gettysburg have anything to do with racial wars?

No. The majority of soldiers from the two opposing sides were both the same race. In fact, members of some families fought on both sides.

During what years where the civil wars fought?

1861-1865 if that is theUS civil war

What was the greatest cause of deaths among soldiers on doth sides during the civil wars?

The greatest cause of death was disease 1( from when surgeons did not wash there instruments such as the bone saw.

Why did civil wars occur in rome during the first bc?

Civil wars occurred in Rome during the first century because of growing ambitions of the leaders, who commanded their own armies, soon led to another civil war.