Cold War

What were the uniforms like?

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What kids like to wear uniforms?

none. no kids like to wear uniforms.

What percentage of kids do not like school uniforms?

50% do like uniforms and 50% do not

How many people do not like uniforms?

about all the students that were uniforms for their school's

What do Greek school uniforms look like?

They don't wear uniforms.

What does death's head look like on the soldiers uniforms in the holocaust?

a skull, but it was not on soldier's uniforms, it was on the uniforms of a divivsion of the SS.

What percentage of kids like school uniforms?

49% percent of kids like and have school uniforms. newtest3

What percentage of people don't like wearing school uniforms?

about 85% of people don't like uniforms

What percent of people not to like to wear uniforms?

90% of people like school uniforms and 10% of people do not

What percentage of kids dont like school uniforms?

about 24% of kids who don't like to wear uniforms

Do kids like public school uniforms?

No, yet some kids who go to Private School like their uniforms. Most do not, I believe.

Why don't people like uniforms?

People don't like uniforms because they can't really distinguish other kids/ teachers.

What do Colonial and British uniforms look like?

British uniforms were red and had a white cross on the front.

About how many kids don't like school uniforms?

a lot of kids hate school uniforms

Do uniforms reduce bullying?

Uniforms stop bullying. when i was in third grade we had to wear uniforms there were no tears over clothing because everyone looked alike.I like uniforms but I don't want to wear them.

Who makes the cheerleading uniforms?

um, there's different companies that make cheerleading uniforms, for example, my school used for our uniforms. but, you don't just get the uniform, well i mean you can, but most places get like warm-ups & stuff like this to go w/ the uniforms.

Do students like wearing uniforms?

Me being a student, no. Some uniforms are ok but for the most part no we like having the freedom to wear anything.

How many people like school uniforms?

It seems like alot of adults likes school uniforms put most kids dont

Uniforms of the Mexican army during the battle of the Alamo?

what did the Mexicans uniforms look like at the battle of the Alamo

Who says that school uniforms are bad?

no kids like uniforms. they try to change during. and get in trouble. get them a waiverr!!

What percent of students like uniforms?


What percentage of kids don't like to wear school uniforms?

80% of kids hate wearing uniforms and 20% do

How many kids like school uniforms?

No not many kids like school uniforms. They would rather express themselves then wear uniforms. Although some are for it because there would be no teasing about how cheap or how someones clothes that they wore to school were.

What were school uniforms like in 1800s?

Like that episode of regular show

Do NFL teams get new uniforms every single game?

They have the same uniforms....just like every sports team.

Why are school uniforms most hated?

Because kids or whatever don't like looking the same and the uniforms might be uncomfortable.