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Q: What were trebuchets made from?
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Where were trebuchets made?

Trebuchets were made in various regions around the world. They were most commonly used in medieval Europe and the Middle East, where they were built by skilled engineers and craftsmen. Additionally, trebuchets were also used in ancient China, where they were known as "huihuiji" and were constructed by skilled artisans.

Why where trebuchets made?

To throw large stones and break down castle walls.

Why are trebuchets made from wood?

Trebuchets were weapons of destruction. They were made from wood because it was easier to transport them, and because there was a plentiful supply of wood to make them out of. Stone was too heavy to use for this weapon, because it would not be able to throw things far enough for its initial purpose.

How do trebuchets operate?

They work as a catapult.

Do trebuchets have pulleys?

Yes they do.

What are facts about counterweight trebuchets?

trebachets have wheels

What weapons are used to ruin castles?

catapults and trebuchets

Why was the trebuchets built?

to keep urine from over flowing

What movies have trebuchets?

the second narnia...the battle scene

When was a trebuchet invented?

The oldest documentation of traction trebuchets date back to China in the 4th century BC. The first record of counterweight trebuchets comes from an Islamic scholar in 1187 AD.

How long were trebuchet used for?

trebuchets originated in china around 300 BC and was used all the way through the 14 century until eventually gunpowder made it obsolete.

What is medieval large catapult?

A large machine made of many tree trunks and large branches. It was capable of flinging stones weighing a hundred or so pounds.