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The Americans were ultimately fighting against Communism. But they were also fighting against the North Vietnamese Army and the Viet Cong.

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Who were the US fighting for and against in the Vietnam war?

It was fighting for democracy and against communism.

Who did America fight against in Vietnam?

Americans in the Vietnam War were fighting against communist northern Vietnamese.

How did the American war with South Vietnam end?

The United States didn't fight against South Vietnam in fact they were allies fighting against North Vietnam.

What were they fighting for in Vietnam?

Fighting against communist aggression and the preservation of the Republic of South Vietnam.

Was their any fighting in the US in the Vietnam war?

No, fighting has never occurred in the U.S. Not against any foreign enemies. There were several clashes between war protesters against government troops and police.

Why was people for the Vietnam war?

US citizen's who wanted to stop communism were FOR fighting against communism.

Who was America fighting against in the Vietnam War?

The USAF was fighting against the North Vietnamese Air Force. The US Army/Marines were fighting against the NVA and VC. The US Navy was fighting against the North Vietnamese Air Force and NVA and VC.

Did the people in the U.S support the war in Vietnam?

Due the publication and bradcast of the Vietnam war many of the U.S. citizens were against the war. Many who oppsosed the war thought that we were fighting a war for the south vietnamese which was not needed

What was the Vietnam?

A war against communist aggression. True, but what do you mean by "What was the Vietnam?" Do you mean the war? or something else? Plus south vietnam was fighting the north so they would not become communist not because of aggresion

How was the Vietnam war and the Philippine insurrection different?

The US was fighting the country of North Vietnam during that war. The Philippine people were uprising against their new nation (US territory).

Richard Nixon was for or against the Vietnam war?

Richard Nixon was against the Vietnam War!

How was the Vietnam War different from World War 2?

For one we were fighting the vietkong in Vietnam instead of the Japanese. also we were fighting in Vietnam instead of Germany and japan.

Where was the fighting taking place of Vietnam?

Air war North Vietnam. Ground war South Vietnam.

Who was America fighting for in the Vietnam war?

The US was representing the free world in it's fight against communist aggression.

When was Vietnam Veterans Against the War created?

Vietnam Veterans Against the War was created in 1967.

Who was America fighting against in Vietnam?

America fought against North Vietnam, in an unsuccessful attempt to defeat its invasion and conquest of South Vietnam.

Who protested against the Vietnam War?

hippies protested against the vietnam war because they wanted peace

Why is comunsm so bad?

Communism is when the government makes your decisions for you such as when you get food. Vietnam is a communist country. That is how the Vietnam war occurred, the us was fighting against North Vietnam to end the idea of communism.

What countries were fighting each other in Vietnam war?

Communist north Vietnam was fighting the anti-Communist south Vietnam who had the help of America

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