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What eats the antarctic ice fish?

penguins and some whale types

What animal eats macaroni penguins?

The leopard seal eats penguins.

What and how do killer whales eat?

The killer whale spys on its prey. It very quietly jumps up and grabs its prey. A killer whale eats fish,sharks,penguins and seals.

What does it mean when a whale shark strain?

When a whale eats a shark or a shark eats a whale

Is the whale shark a vegetarian?

no, its not, it eats plankton. it basically eats what a normal whale eats.

What eats krill?

Whales, manta rays, whale sharks, seals, a few bird species, penguins, squid and fish eat krill.

Do penguins have predators?

penguins only predator are seals whale

Who is the penguins prey?

penguins prey is dog but and whale blubber

What whale eats clown fish?

No whale first of all clown fish live in holes and reefs and second the only whale that eats fish is the humpback whale and it only eats sardines

What eats a whale?

A shark or killer whale can eat a whale.

What eats a whale and shark?

a killer whale .

Does a whale eat penguins?

No whale would predate on penguins. If you heard about killer whales doing that, they are actually in the dolphin group.

What type of seal eats penguins?

A Leapord Seal eats penguins, squid, crustations, and other fish

What does penguins eats?

penguins eat fish, squid and krill :)

What does eats penguins?


Why does a whale have marks?

Depends on the kind of whale. If its a sperm whale, its from the Giant Squid that the whale eats.

What eats the pengiens?

in club penguin, nothing eats the penguins

What eats African penguins?

Seals and Whales eat African Penguins.

What land animal eats penguins?

In Antarctica, there aren't any land animals that eat penguins. The only animals that eat penguins are some of the whale species. This changes where penguins live further north. For example, on Australia's southern coast, where Fairy Penguins (also known as Little penguins) roost at night, domestic dogs have been getting past the protective barriers and killing them.

What are the predators of the right whale?

it is the animal who eats the right whale.

What is baleen whale organism eats?

a baby whale fedus

How does a whale get energy?

It eats!

What eats calamari?


Do penguins eat other penguins or what does it like to eat?

Yes penguins do eat other penguins. But also they eat fish. Mostly whale.

What eats sperm whales?

Killer whales/orcas eat sperm whale calves.A killer whale eats a sperm whalesome other whales like theo orca whale eats or can mostly attack the sperm whalethe only marine animal that can eat a sperm whale is a giant squid.