What where the causes of the Battle of Hastings?

The battle of Hastings was caused by a dispute over rule of England. When Edward the confessor died on January 5th 1066, there were three main candidates for the throne. Earl of Wessex, Harold Godwinson, Duke of Normandy, William the conqueror and Harald Hadraada, a Viking king. Harold Godwinson was given the crown, but then Harald Hadraada attacked at Stamford bridge, in Yorkshire in the north of England. Harold Godwinson and his army defeated Harald Hadraada, and then received news that William was attacking in the south, and had set up a fort at a place later called Battle. Harold Godwinson and his army headed south to the battle of Hastings. He is defeated and William claims the throne of England. William invaded because years earlier, Harold Godwinson had been shipwrecked in Normandy and William had held him captive until he swore a sacred oath to support William's claim to the throne. When Harold took power, William said he had broken his oath and turned the invasion into a crusade, this ensured that more men would come to fight for him.