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Most were defestated, angered, saddened and felt a sense of betrayal. They were forced to sell their homes, home furnishings, farms and shops at cut rate prices, pack a suitcase and go to the camps of interior America without a clue as to what lay in front of them.

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Q: What where the effects of World War 2 on the Japanese Americans in California?
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How many Japanese were living in America prior to World War 2?

Approximately 120,000 Japanese and/or Japanese-Americans lived in the US during and prior to WW2; of which over 90,000 lived in California.

What happen to the Japanese - Americans during World War 2?

Japanese-Americans were forcibly relocated into Internment Camps .

Which Americans were interned during World War 2?

Japanese-Americans .

Why did the US restrict the activities of Japanese Americans during World War 1?

They thought that the Japanese Americans might be spies.

How many Japanese Americans were sent to Internment camps during World War 2?

About 1 million mostly in the Western States principally California.

Why did the Americans keep Japanese Americans in concentration camps during World War 2?

the Japanese bombed pearl harbor and we thought all Japanese were evil

What were the effects of World War 2 on women African Americans and Japanese Americans?

The women and African Americans gained more respect and rose the ranks in society. They had more opportunities to excel. The Japanese Americans however (since Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and was there enemy) were treated with disrespect and put into camps. They were unfairly treated by America during this period.

What changed American attitudes toward Japanese after World War 2?

The War changed the Americans attitude toward the Japanese because they found out after World War 2 the Japanese Americans were innocent of helping the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor.

Where did Japanese Americans spend World War 2?

Japanese-Americans were sent to internment camps during World War II. This internment occurred even if they were no threat.

What are Japanese-Americans born in America during World War 2 called?

Japs or Japanese because we didn't want them to be part of our country but some people called them Japanese-Americans or just Americans.

How did the Congress say sorry to the Japanese Americans in World War 2?

Congress paid money to the Japanese Americans to say sorry.

Why were so many Japanese-Americans placed in internment camps during world war 2?

Americans thought the Japanese-Americans were allied with Japan because they were Japanese. They did this because of paranoia that more attacks would happen.

Why did the Japanese Americans have to move to the internment camps?

Because the US leaders feared that the Japanese Americans might help Japan in World War ll.

What group of Americans was put into camps during most of World War 2?

Japanese Americans

Who won the battle between the Japanese and the Americans during world war 2?

The Americans won.

How did World War 2 change the life's of African Americans and Japanese Americans?

Maybe because Americans and the Japanese where on different sides so the Japanese Americans would have their families broken up and possibly have to choose a side . im not sure why African Americans would be affected

How can you turn this into a question Evaluate the internment of Japanese Americans during World War 2 and the power of civil liberties?

How were civil liberties denied Japanese Americans during World War II.

How wee the Americans drawn into World War 2?

The Americans were drawn into World War II after the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese.

Which group of Americans were sent to internment centers during World War 2 in the US?

Japanese-Americans .

What was American's attitude toward Japanese Americans during World War 2?

The Americans were very suspicious of the Japanese-Americans due to the militant actions of Japan especially after the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbour, which culminated in the Japanese-American internment in 1942.

How did Japanese Americans feel during the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

I would think sad and mad because the Americans got nervous so they put the Japanese Americans in Concentration camps until the end of the war. their really isn't much information that I can find but I do know that the Japanese Americans were mad at the Japanese and the Americans. Japanese bombed the free world the Japanese Americans came to and the Japanese Americans were mad at theAmericans for locking them up in concentration caps till the end of the war don't get me wrong I can be wrong on a few facts go to a library and check out a book on this subject.

What were the after effects on Japanese people who fought in World War 2?

The Japanese people had to recover from defeat and rebuild their country, which they did.

What is the official position of the US government concerning the treatment of Japanese Americans during World War 2?

The U.S. government acknowledged that the Japanese Americans were treated unfairly.

What did Japanese Americans wear during world war 2?


What was the effect of World War 2 on Japanese Americans?

Your mom was the affect....