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How many amendments was originally in the Bill of Rights?

The original Bill of Rights had NO amendments. Amendments are additions and/or changes. The amendments have been added over time.

The bill of rights that went into effect in 1791 had how many amendments?

The Bill of Rights that went into effect in 1791 had ten amendments. Since this time there has been 17 new amendments added to the Bill of Rights. Today this document contains 27 amendments.

One of the first amendments added after the bill of rights protected?

Many amendments have been added since the bill of rights and they protect many different rights and privileges.

Are there amendments to the Bill of Rights?

the bill of rights are amendments, they weren't amended again

Does the Bill of Rights have amendments?

No, the Bill of Rights contain the first 10 amendments

What has been the main thrust the most of the amendments enacted after the Bill of Rights?

The main thrust of the most of the amendments enacted in the Bill of Rights have to do with personal freedoms.

What are the first three amendment called?

The first three amendments are part of the Bill of Rights, along with the 7 amendments following them.

How many amendments have been added to the bill of rights?


How many amendments or changes are there in the Constitution's Bill of Rights?

There are ten amendments in the bill of rights

What are three main parts of the constitution?

Preamble, Bill of rights, and the Amendments

What is the purpose of amendments in the Constitution?

It is important to know why items have been added or removed from the basic Bill of Rights. The Amendments in the Constitution are to clarify the specifics of the Bill of Rights.

The bill of rights comprises how many amendments to the constitution?

The Bill of Rights comprise ten of the Amendments to the Constitution. Amendments One through Ten are considered to be the Bill of Rights. In total there are 27 Amendments.

Is the Bill of Rights the twenty-seven Amendments?

No, the Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments.

How many amendments do the bill of rights consist of?

The Bill of Rights consist of the first ten amendments.

What amendments were part of the bill of rights?

Amendments 1 through 10 are known as the Bill of Rights.

What were the first ten amendments or bill of rights?

They are one in the same. The ten amendments are the Bill of Rights.

What is the bill of rights and why were these amendments added to the constitution?

The bill of rights is the 1st 10 amendments in the constitution.

How many Constitutional amendments have been introduced to Congress since 1787?

Since 1787 27 amendments have been introduced to congress. In 1791 The Bill of Rights, the 10 first amendments, was adopted. Since The Bill of Rights 17 other amendments have been adopted, which makes the total 27 amendments since 1787.

When the Bill of Rights went into affect in 1791 how many amendments did it have?

The Bill of Rights has always had 10 amendments.

How many times has the constitution been amended since the bill of rights?

17.the first ten amendments are the Bill of Rights, which were added in 1791. Now with 27 amendments, 17 changes have been recorded.

What are the three parts the US constitution is divided into?

The Preamble, the bill of rights, and the amendments

How was the bill of rights added to the constitution?

As 10 new amendments

The Bill of Rights are which amendments in the constitution?

The first ten amendments of the US constitution are called the bill of rights.

How many Amendments have been introduced in congress?

In total, there have been 27 amendments to the U.S. Constitution. The first 10 of these amendments are famously known as the Bill of Rights.

Why do we have the bill of rights or the other 17 amendments?

why do we have the bill of rights