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What will be the new James Bond for xbox 360?

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Yes, there will most likely be another James Bond game, on the Xbox 360 and all other consoles. The franchise makes so much money that Activision, the current holders of the James Bond license (and publisher of Treyarch's 2008 Bond movie tie in Quantum of Solace), would be silly not to. It has long been rumored that British developer Bizzare Creations (Project Gotham Racing series, The Club), now owned by Activision, have been working on a James Bond racing game. However, nothing has been announced yet by either Activision or Bizzare. If the rumours were true, a Fall 2009/Early 2010 release would be most likely.

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What is the new James Bond game called?

007 bloodstone for xbox 360 and ps3 and 007 goldeneye for wii and ds i believe

Will Daniel Graig be in new James Bond games?

Yes. He will be in Goldeneye Wii which is a remake of Goldeneye n64. And also in Goldeneye reloaded which is a wii clone, but for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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