Bearded Dragons (Pogona)

What will bearded dragons eat?


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This might take awhile. First, you must understand that bearded dragons are omnivores. This means they need both food from the animal and plant kingdom. In animals that they eat in captivity, lots of people would answer live crickets. Live crickets are a very good food for beardies, especially when they are dusted with a supplement and fed a nutricious diet. A nutricious diet for a cricket would be Fluker's orange cubes cricket food, Fluker's yellow globs cricket moisture (Both are highly nutricious for crickets. The globs are LOADED with calcium.) along with some grapes, romaine lettuce, and a couple slices of citrus fruit will be great. The other category in live food is worms. The most is doubtlessly mealworms. While not nutritionally complete, they make an excellent meal for beardies. These too, can be fed the Fluker's orange cubes and dusted. Superworms are very similar to mealworms, but have a SOFTER BODY and are available in larger sizes. Also, superworms are 10x more active than mealworms. Waxworms are also a favorite of beardies, but they are high in fat so do not feed to often. Earthworms that you can buy at the pet store or dig up in your backyard are fine too, as long as you live in a pesticide-free area. Finally, pinky or fuzzy mice can be fed to adults. I recommend (frozen/thawed mice) Now plants. Romaine, carrots, peas, corn, celery, bell peppers, apple, mango, grape, banana, rasberries, okra, squash, kiwis, dandelions, roses, hibiscus. The fruits and veggies section is definitely NOT limited to what I have typed. Four last notes about plants: Kale and cabbage type vegetables interfere with production of thyroid hormones, so feed these sparingly. Spinach and Swiss chard contain chemicals which combine with calcium and prevent its absorbation. Herbs, for the most part, contain biologically active compounds. Again, feed these sparingly. Beardies seem to enjoy pungent herbs, though, so some of the safest to consume are rosemary, oregano, basil, chives, sage, and marjoram. Lastly, beardies also like the leaves of grapes, apple, roses, mulberries, and radishes. NEVER be afraid to try something new with your beardie. The occasional moth caught in the house won't hurt. (If you live in a pesticide-free area.) Remember the fruits and veggies that I listed are only the BEGINNING. Some beardies will take oranges, still other will take turnip tops. Some people will occasionally feed their beardies slices of tomato. One last thing: Most beardies LOVE regular, green peas. One FINAL note: Kale and cabbage type veggies include broccoli and brussels sprouts. :) Feed them this diversity, and they will grow up to be healthy, active, and beautiful. :)


This is a good answer but there are two things I want to comment on... Mealworms I've read can cut up the beardies intestines, so other good worms (which already contain calcium) are Phoenix and butter worms. Romaine isn't nutritional and a better green would be dandelion greens, mustard greens or collard greens. Its important to feed carrots, peas or squash and not just the greens. Everything else in the previous answer I think is good :)