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you have an electric motor on the transfer case unplug it and see if you have power going to it if you do the electric motor needs replaced

2011-09-13 17:37:20
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Where to find the code if your 1996 Chrysler Town and Country showing service engine soon?

You have it checked with a scan tool.

How can I watch Leeds vs Cardiff on 4th January 2011?

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What do the symbols on a Mitsubishi L200 dashboard mean?

It will depend on which one is showing. They often show when something is not working on the vehicle and you need to have it checked out.

Water do you do if you replace the water pump and thermostat but the temperature keeps showing redline?

Have the heads and head gasket checked possible thermostat in backwards

What does srs light on dashboard indicate rover p reg 214?

SRS light indicates airbag fault, if this is showing then you should get your car checked.

Why does sienna shake from rear at freeway speed and start smoking from rear left tire?

Not sure, but it sounds like it could be a dangerous situation. I'd be worried about a potential blow out, especially if there is any metal wires showing. If there are wires showing get it checked out right away.

What happens to a dropped dog?

It depends on how far the drop was and how hard was the landing and how the dog landed. Just like with a human. If you feel your dog is showing pain, then take him or her to your Veterinarian to be checked out.

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Why would steam rise from the hood of a 1997 neon with a cool temperature gauge?

Have you had the coolant temp sensor checked? It might be that the engine is running hot but the sensor isn't showing the temp is hot.

Why does your 2005 Dodge Magnum keep showing you a lightning bolt and bas light?

There are trouble codes in the computer systems. You need to have the PCM, ABS, etc checked for codes to know possible causes.

Why is battery gauge low?

If the gauge is showing less than 13 volts with the engine running, then the alternator is more than likely defective. Have the system checked at your local auto parts store.

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No. The queen can't be "checked", only the king can be checked.

How do you know when to get your brakes checked?

If you suspect something, get them checked. If you get vibration while applying the brakes, get them checked. If you get grinding noise from the brakes, get them checked.

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In America they aren't showing Naruto Shipuudden. They're showing annoying fillers. I just checked, and they have SUBBED. Subbed isn't what they will show on TV. You can find lots of subbed videos on YouTube also.

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Get your vital signs checked, checked for a hernia, have your urine checked for drugs or diabetes, your muscular structure is checked as well as your oral cavity.

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a rabbit will show his teeth for a couple of reasons: 1) to protect his territory...2) he's mad and doesn't want to be messed with...3) their is something wrong with his teeth and needs to have them checked.

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a catolog of information fact checked by some governing body. I personally think that the [governing body] is not showing itself for weird reasons.Either that or these papers I got from my 6 grade teacher.

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Showing is correct.

How do you translate 'checked' in French?


Hi am 23yrs old your last period date was 10th of April and this month it missed you checked by pregnancy test kit its showing positive you don want to get pregnant now suggest what i should do?

if it was positive then you already are pregnant

How exam papers are arranged and checked after exam?

They are checked in order

What should you do if you have an IUD and are showing signs of lactation and have breast tenderness but took an HPT and it was negative?

even though the HPT may have came out negative there is still a possibility of that still being the case. i would still go get checked out by a doctor

Evrytime show abs in your car What is the meaning of this symbols?

abs is part of your brake system if the light comes on and stays on, you have a problem and need your brakes checked if it only comes on when starting car,this is normal and is showing that check system is working