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Clogged fuel filter, dying fuel pump, or possibly fuel pressure regulator.

2006-08-17 12:45:06
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Why would your car shake and sputter in below freezing temperature?

ice in the fuel system

Why would a 1986 Nissan pickup start to sputter and turn off when put into gear?

Try the rotor(under the cap). mine was burn't, talk about shake rattle and roll I've had 3 Nissan pu's greg also, check your vacume lines. Even one can cause sputter. There is a wire coming out of the bottom of your distribitur. if it gets frayed, it can have the same result. Check your fuel flow. dirty carb or fuel injectors will cause it to sputter and or die when put in gear.

Why does your car shake when you get on the highway and then stops after 3 miles?

If it STOPS after 3 miles. Then it sounds like its a fuel problem, and it will also cause your car to shake and sputter. Check fuel filter, fuel pump (listen for a winning sound from gas tank with KOEO). If you have an OBII, check for pending codes...Tom

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Do the movement in of rocks in the Earth cause the ground to shake?

the movement in the rocks dosnot cause the ground to shake?

Can the rim or tire cause the car to shake or vibrate?

Yes, either can cause a shake while driving.

Why does your 96' jeep Cherokee shake when it hits 60mph?

Death Wobble!

What can cause your poddle to shake intermittently?

Fear can cause your poodle to shake intermittently. Even something as every day as taking a bath can cause a dog to shake if they are afraid of the water. Being happy could also cause a dog to shake, as could being sick or feeling pain.

Will a bad bearing cause your tire to shake?

a bad bearing will cause it to shake, also a rotar or shocks will do the same.

Would bad pistons cause the engine to shake?

Most definitely. Any miss will cause the engine to shake. A vacuum leak will also cause this.

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Why does the earth shake during a earthquake?

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Why would a car shake and sputter?

this sounds like a missfire. check your spark plug cables make sure they are in place nice and thight.and the correct place (order).

Why does your 2000 Mitsubishi galant shake at 35 MPH and again at 45 MPH?

I should have said that the car seems to sputter at those speeds rather than shake so I don't think it's a tire problem which most people tend to think of.

Will a transmission cause a car to shake?


What would cause your engine to shake?

Many things could cause an engine to shake. One, for example, would be low coolant or oil levels.

Could the O2 sensor cause a 1998 Legacy GT wagon to sputter?

ohhh yeah it will casue it to sputer to shake and sotimes it wont acelerate well either. That liitle buget casues all sorts of wierd problems and its not alwyas the same probs every time it goes out.

What would cause a 95 blazer to shake when execrating?

There are several things that can cause your 1995 Chevrolet Blazer to shake when accelerating. Bad spark plugs and spark plug wires can cause the vehicle to shake. Tuning up the engine may eliminate the problem.

Can a drive shaft cause a Toyota to shake?

You bet it can. A bent or out of balance drive shaft will cause serious shaking. A defective U-Joint will also cause it to shake and is very dangerous.

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What can cause a car to shake after you start it?

a bad engine

Will a poor axle assembly cause a shake?


Can inner CV cause car to shake?


When you shake sugar and Sand together in a test tube you cause a?

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