What will cause infertility in men?

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In men, the problems are mainly with the making of sperm or with getting the sperm to reach the egg. These problems with sperm may be present by birth or it could develop later in life due to lifestyle changes, illness or injuries. Few men produce no sperm or produce very few sperm. As per research lifestyle can influence the number and quality of a man's sperm dramatically. Alcohol and drugs can provisionally reduce the sperm quality. Other environmental toxin, that includes pesticides and lead, can also cause infertility in men.
The main causes for males may include:
  • Sperm not being produced in sufficient numbers, or not at all (Azoospermia);
  • Sperm being obstructed from ejaculation;
  • Sperm that does not swim very well in the female reproductive system restricting its ability to reach and fertilise an egg; or
  • Oxidative stress resulting from injury, infection or smoking and causing semen defects
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Can antidepressant drugs cause infertility in men?

Answer . Many antidepressants have a side effect that can make a man "impotent", meaning that he will be unable to get an erection or at best, an incomplete erection, and

What causes infertility?

The underlying causes are problems with ovulation (egg production) anatomic problems such as fallopian tube blockage endometriosis (a common cause of pelvic disease)

Causes for infertility?

There are many reasons. Hormonal or Sterility from childhood diseases such as, Scarlet Fever. Pelvic disorders such as fibroid tumors or cysts from oral contraceptions. Infect

What is the cause of infertility?

Multiple causes - see OB/GYN fertility expert if you have tried unsuccessfully over 6 months. Both male and female need testing.

Can too much radiation from x-rays and ct-scan cause infertility in men?

Yes but the level of exposure that the average person would have toreceive in order for that to occur is typically more than thetypical diagnostic exposure time a patient woul

Does Prednisone cause infertility in men?

No as a mater of fact it seems that prednisone is used to extinguish the immune systems destructive reaction to sperm in the case of some infertility problems caused by autoim

What is causing infertility?

The underlying causes of infertility are: problems with ovulation (egg production) anatomic problems such as fallopian tube blockage endometriosis (a common cause of pel

What causes the infertility of men when he contracted mumps?

yes. I am working on mumps virus mediated infertility. It possible, patients those who developed orchitis during mumps infection. You can confirm by semen analysis, testing t
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Do men become infertile with age?

Pay attention in health class people! ;) Anyways, no, men are fertile throughout their entire life unless some other factor is present.