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What will cause the roaring noise in a daewoo matiz 2002?


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dirty exhaust system. All Matiz are like that.

Could as well be rear weel bearings


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There are many reasons as to what may cause a roaring noise in a rear end 1997 Infinity. However, this could be the brake system or needing a new catalytic converter.

That is your bearings. You need to replace them.

It is not good if a persons newly changed brake pads are grinding. To stop this, a person needs to change the brake caliper pressure.

The cause could be your muffler. Mine has a hole in it and when I accelerate it roars, kind of like a vacuum.

hippo's make a sort of groaning noise and a roaring noise.

it makes a roaring noise

What is the roaring noise from a 1999 Toyota Camry XLE at speeds over 35 ? Sounds like it is coming from the rear.

the wheel bearing on the vehicle will make a roaring noise when you accelerate the faster you go the louder it gets

The compressor may have a locked rotor in the condenser causing the loud roaring noise. Another possibility is low refrigerant.

Noises have to be heard to correectly diagnoise. It could be bearings, tires or a number of things.

A roaring sound is usually caused by a worn out wheel bearing.

yes, they make a loud roaring noise.

Guns make a roaring sound.

They make a SPECIAL glue/grease that goes on the back of the pad- NOT THE ROTOR SIDE.also MAKE SURE ALL the ANTI- RATTLE clips are on the pads & the pad Mounts.(end where the pad slides)

Bearings misassembled, tire nosie, brake noise, noise in axle, noise in transmission, etc.

It could be just tire noise or a bad wheel bearing. latly its been grabbing help

Noises are impossible to correctly diagnoise unless heard. Take it to a garage.

Your radiator fan. It may have a thermostat on it that lets it turn on and off to cool the water in the radiator when needed. They can be quite noisy.

A Trumpeting Gargling Roaring And Crying Sound At The Same Time

Roaring, purring, grunting, snarling and hissing.

clamor, cacophony, rowdy, noisy, booming, roaring,

That will be the engine. A necessary component in a motor vehicle.

Without more information, the roaring noise can be several things. It can be caused by a hole in the exhaust system. Another cause may be a set of tires creating a lot of road noise. There may also be soundproofing insulation that has gone bad, or has been lost. If the noise is in the engine, it may be due to a lack of oil, or bad circulation of the cooling fluid, or a bad head gasket allowing the fuel, coolant, and oil to mix together.

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