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What will fix 1994 Jeep Cherokee headlights flashing on and off while driving?

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2008-04-28 03:32:53

Did you upgrade the headlights? If you did by chance at

some point, they may be draining more current out of the circuitry

that it is capable of running, overloading it and causing these

blips. Try going back to the factory recommended bulbs.

== == == == Bad headlight relay, loose connection, Bad ground. I

cannot speak to your specific make and model, BUT most vehicles,

some for many years, protect the HEADLIGHT circuit with "automatic

resetting" CIRCUIT BREAKERS, instead of fuses. The purpose for this

was so that if a short circuit occured while night driving, the

headlights would only be out for a few seconds, returning

momentarily to provide light for safely slowing and stopping the

vehicle. This was a safety improvement over the old fuse system

which once "blown" would leave a driver at highway speed, possibly

in total darkness. Since the auto-resetting circuit breaker is a

thermally operated device based on amount of current flowing

through it, the cyclic rate of off/on will vary depending on the

relative severity of the short circuit. Sometimes, if the short

itself is only intermittent, the issue will arise only

occasionally, and seem to "come and go." And of course, there could

be other causes. Regardless of cause, the issue you describe IS a

SERIOUS SAFETY problem, and you should take your vehicle to an auto

electronics technician, or a qualified mechanic. He/she should

troubleshoot your electrical system, identify the cause of the

problem, and PROPERLY correct it.j3h.

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