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A big penis, like 7 or 8 inches long when erect.

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she horny! she horny! she horny! she horny! she horny! she horny!

I don't get horny for boys....they get horny for me!! Can a girl that knows what she is talking about change this answer

dirty talk, masterbation, things such as these. Answer 2: A girl can't make a guy horny. only a guy can make a girl horny

To make a girl horny without talking to her, make sure she is looking at you and give her sexy looks, wink or maybe even lick your lips at her. If you know she is interested in you, stand next to her one time and feel her butt or something. If she is your partner, when your in bed with her be really sexy and touch her gently everywhere. As a girl myself, this has actually made me horny now ;)

I'm so horny and normal watch videos or chat with other horny people

You say " Me so horny."! You say " Me so horny."! You say " Me so horny."! You say " Me so horny."!

to do doggy style the boy must be at the back of the girl and put his testicles in the girls bum and sex the bum up in the bum and it makes all the girl more horny and do more sex movements cause the girl is so horny she will do anything for it again another way to make her feel horny is if you were to cum inside of her bum cause it feels nice and then there more likely to do missionary if they wouldn't do it before

well if she looks at you with a face that spells sex on it that means she is horny

The sign to a Horny female her eyes twitch hahah lol

What makes me horny is a sexy girl taking off her clothes.

just talk about sex.. make her horny really horny

No. "Horny" means that you have sexual desires, and the word is applied both to men and to women.

What men enjoy in bed is to have dirty hot sex and fufill his horny fantasies

they always are :D i would know as i am a girl

Cause girl on girl shows that the girls are really horny so they kinda imagine themselves or want themselves to be with the extremely horny girl.

depennds on the girl prolly will get them horny

is this a boy or a girl . You need to get to know a person first before thinking about making him or her horny.

just show her your balls

This is a priceless secret.

By rubbing her Clitoris

they get horny...dun! haha.

by playing with her special places

Depends on the girl.. A really horny one, so more around the age 16-21.

when you start getting horny and wanna have sex with girls in the bed

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